White Shark Media Is World-Class

White Shark Media is a company that gives its customers world class solutions in the digital marketing space. It specializes in serving medium and small sized businesses. It has been named one of the fast growing marketing companies in the United States. It attributes its remarkable growth from its reputation for saving its clients money in Search Marketing campaigns. It couples this with providing exceptional customer service.


Once upon a time, White Shark Media was a boutique agency. Since then, it has come to the rescue of thousands of businesses over the world. It has done this through elite marketing tactics and specialized tools. White Shark Media tracks its customers campaigns down to the finest detail. It uses the latest techniques like Google Analytics integration, reporting software, keyword tracking, and competitive intelligence. It is a company that is accountable to its clients at all times.


The company was created in 2011 by three entrepreneurs of Danish descent. They had a wealth of experience and knowledge they could funnel into a business enterprise. They set a goal of taking over the small business market in the United States and other countries. The men sought to do this by showing the market an amazing product that it had never seen before. A key to their success was employing onshore and offshore employees many of whom are bilingual. Clients of White Shark Media do not need to test for themselves. They can learn from its extensive experience.


White Shark Media now has more than 150 employees. who are adept at Bing Ads, Display Advertising, Google Analytics, and other marketing platforms. Its offices are located in 3 separate countries. It is amazing when you realize that this growth happened in a span of just 3 years. White Shark Media made so many waves in the marketing community that its leaders were invited to Google headquarters. An entire support team has been assigned to White Shark Media by Google because it recognizes its importance. White Shark Media is now a Google Adwords Premier Business Partner. This means that it has achieved the highest level of expertise in Google Adwords and Analytics. This designation is only shared by 29 other companies in the United States. Microsoft recognizes White Shark Media’s excellence on its marketing platforms too.


White Shark Media remains committed to providing World Class service to its clients. It is a company that provides full transparency and does not lock customers into contracts. It truly represents results driven marketing.