InnovaCare Health and In-Depth Medicare Advantage Assistance

Medicare Advantage refers to an American medical care program that’s part of Medicare’s Part C division. People who are interested in managed health care options frequently take the time to learn about Medicare Advantage and all that it entails. There are numerous benefits that are linked to enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans. Patients who have these plans may be able to get additional forms of healthcare coverage. Examples are dental, hearing and eyesight plans. They may even be able to get access to general wellness assistance.

Medicare Advantage plans exist in numerous forms. Patients can often choose between private fee-for-service, preferred provider organization, health maintenance organization, HMO point-of-service and special needs plans. These plans all have their own distinct identities. PFFS plans have a lot in common with Original Medicare. PPO plans allow people to pay reduced amounts as long as they visit providers that are part of their specific networks. Health maintenance organization plans generally restrict patients to medical care providers that are members of their designated networks as well. HMOPOS plans give patients the opportunity to obtain out-of-network assistance if they agree to pay more for coinsurance or on their copayments. SNP plans, last but not least, often offer medical care that caters to individuals who suffer from chronic ailments or who live in care facilities.

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InnovaCare Health’s head office is in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This northern New Jersey community isn’t far at all from New York, New York. It’s only a quick car or train ride away. InnovaCare Health is a business that supplies Medicare Advantage plans to patients. It also offers in-depth physician practice assistance. InnovaCare Health is a firm that strictly emphasizes the extraordinary value of all patients. That’s why first-rate health care is the company’s main aim day in and day out. InnovaCare Health strives to grow by focusing on seasoned leadership, honesty and tangible objectives.

The leaders who work for InnovaCare Health are all extremely impressive and driven professionals. Dr. Rick Shinto is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. He’s been in the operational and clinical medical care realms for more than two decades so far. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Health. She worked in the past as Aveta Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer. Kokkinides is an alumnus of New York University, the Columbia University School of Public Health and Binghamton University. She has a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

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