US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl, Validates George Soros Predictions

Recently, Philip Delhi, the president of Us Money Reserve, had a radio interview with Enterprise Podcast about the state of the economy and some benefit that can be accrued from investing in gold. The Money Reserve is the certified distributor of gold, silver, and platinum for the Us Government.

Diehl has served as the director of US Mint Company, where he had a very successful career. He was the first to initiate a multi- year customer refurbish. He was also instrumental in fashioning 50 State Quarter Program that becomes the most successful coin program in the U.S.

He launched the Sacagawea dollar and the first Mint platinum coin of the nation. Diehl also serves under the Industry Council for Tangible Assets as a board member. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

In an interview with host Eric Dye, Diehl pointed out that world finical uncertainty and volatility has increased due to the rise of “BRIC” countries. The economic success being experienced by populations from these countries put pressure on the price of Gold. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

In fact, that 65% of gold sales in the world is currently coming from come from India and China. Diehl hinted that central banks have been buying gold silently, and they will continue to buy more gold to sustain their reserve value.

Diehl explained that “what goes Up, Must Come down”, he was referring to the U.S. dollar that has become stronger compared to the other main currencies in the past few years. He pointed out that the trend is not sustainable, although he cannot tell the exact top of U.S. dollar. However, he firmly believes we are coming closer to it now. Read More: Buy Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

At an economic forum held late last year in Colombo, Sri Lank, a legendary investor George Soros said the current economic environment reflect 2008. He explained that China is struggling with finding a new growth model and by devaluing its currency; it is transferring its problems to other nations. China is releasing a lot of money on the US Money Reserve that would make the value of dollar too high and amount to a crisis.

Gold is often treated as a haven during economic turmoil. In its physical form, gold is treated as buy and hold investment. People buy gold and as a long-term investment and as a form of insurance against expected economic crises. According to Diehl, average investors can invest in coins and share the profit in the coming gold price rise.