Why Rocketship Education Does Better Than Its Competitors

Preston Smith created Rocketship Education in California over a decade ago. It’s currently located in Nashville, Tennessee; Washington, DC; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and throughout the Bay Area in California. There are more than 3,700 students that attend the network of public schools. Holding a charter status helps Rocketship Education find funding from independent parties and persons that most other low-income schools don’t receive. Throughout his first ten years, he learned quite a few things about education he felt the world should know. Here are a handful of the most useful.

Parents are more involved with regular operations at Rocketship Education than any other elementary school in the nation, some believe. They traditionally aren’t allowed to make important decisions, although they’re trained for panel interviews in which some teachers have felt so much pressure they were forced to end interviews early, according to Preston Smith. Its eighteen installments regularly solicit feedback from students and parents to hold teachers to being the best they can be for students. Preston Smith relies on a number of other interesting characteristics that help him maintain the network as one of the most popular in the nation. Let’s look further into them – there might be a few that can help you.

President and CEO Preston Smith recently shared – in August of 2017 – two handfuls’ worth of lessons since he co-founded in ten years ago.

There are over 3,800 students in grades kindergarten through fifth spread across Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations, including Tennessee, Wisconsin, and its home state of California. Created with help from John Danner, a software and technology expert from the Bay Area, RSED became a leader in crafting individual learning lessons for all students. Teachers were always selected to meet the backgrounds of their students.

But why? Experts have demonstrated that those who speak English in American schools understand so much better than their Spanish-speaking counterparts that did not learn entirely in the United States’ most popular language.

The system of public schools is known as one of the best in the United States, something that few low-income counterparts can boast. Preston Smith has truly “flipped the script” about what the average person thinks of going to public school, which is great for the most popular type of school in the world.