About Us: The Academy of Art University


The Academy of University is at the top of its game for 2018. The San Francisco-based school has been around for over 80 years, and it was founded by a professional painter known as Richard Stephens. As the years passed, Academy of Art University went through multiple name changes such as Academy of Art College and the Academy of Advertising Art. As of today, the president of the school is Elisa Stephens, whom is Richard Stephens’ granddaughter. It is located near San Francisco’s exclusive South Market District, and the school is one of the city’s largest property owners.

Movies, movies and more movies is the name of the game to a certain extent. Though AAU specializes in liberal arts and specializes in design, it has a huge presence in the entertainment industry. If you haven’t heard by now, “Cocoa” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film. The connection of this movie to AAU is self-evident because AAU’s former-graduate has worked extensively on this project. Daniel Arriaga provided enormous amounts of research that was firmly put into this film. On top of that, Arriaga provided an abundant amount of detailed drawings. “Cocoa” was one of the night’s biggest winners thanks to also winning the award for the mariachi styled Best Original Song. This senior director of Pixar Animation Studios is living his dream and the Academy of Art University helped to construct his present-day accomplishments.

Did you know that there are over 1,000 part-time teachers at the AAU? Did you know that the school has up to 285 full-time teachers? Yes, this is correct and the school’s student population is at an estimated 12,500.

Earning a degree from the Academy of Art University can be achieved via online classes or by attending the school’s physical location. Aspiring students can also schedule a guided tour to get better acquainted. Every base is being covered here and it would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive school for the arts.