Bernardo Chua Supports On-Going Research Of Ganoderma

The Organo Gold company, a producer and distributor known best for its coffee, was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. He is an established businessman with a long track record. Mr. Chua is the CEO of the organization.

He is one of the top network marketers, and he is considered one of the leading experts in the world of multilevel marketing. He has grown his current company to a level of being one of the laading producers of coffee, hot and iced teas, lattes, and supplenents. The firm offers a uniquely different blend, and their products consist of an ancient Oriental herb known as ganoderma. Visit for more information.

Bernardo continues to improve upon the company’s success, and his focus is on fine tuning every aspect in every way possible. Ganoderma comes from a mushroom and is highly regarded for its health-related benefits. It has been used for thousands of years as an organic toning conditioner for the body. Bernardo Chua is actively working along with the top world producers of the herb. He financially supports the ongoing research that is being performed on ganoderma. His goal is to continue to offer the highest quality products while keeping them at an affordable price for his customers. He is ardent about educating people on the benefits that he has learned about ganoderma. Bernardo devotes alot of his time training the outside sales distributors who in turn sell directly to their customers..

Organo Gold is an award-winning brand, and Bernardo Chua himself has been honored by Dangal ng Bayan. He flew himself and 2 of his employees to the ceremony in the Philippines. The event was held in Hemady Square, which is located in Manila. This is familiar territory to Bernardo as he was born in the Philippines. The company has received multiple People’s Choice Awards.