Being known as a Top 100 American Food Company is a testament to the Quality and Excellence that OSI Food Solutions bring as a company.

OSI Food Solutions is an American food company that has brokered impressive deals with international companies over the last few years. OSI has also purchased vital brands, which are considered a good fit for the type of brands and products that OSI’s product line has today. OSI Food Solutions was once called Otto & Sons, Inc. — a family meat company that was created in 1909. OSI Food Solutions is a 109-year-old food company with a 6.1 billion dollar value today, according to Forbes. Today, Food Solutions has 20 thousand employees and 67 facilities located in 17 countries.

Sheldon Lavin, who has been with the company since they were still Otto & Sons, leads OSI as their CEO. Mr. Lavin joined Otto & Sons in 1970 after working with them on certain financial issues. Sheldon Lavin’s decision to take over and lead in a senior position at Otto & Sons turned into a very prosperous choice for Sheldon Lavin and many fellow employees, customers, and other stakeholders involved.

OSI Food Solutions has received a plethora of accolades and impressive awards because of their high quality and excellence as a company. A subsidiary company of OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honour award. This award is presented to many companies on an annual basis. Companies like OSI do business in the UK and also attain a higher level of excellence in the environmental safety milieu. Maintaining a high level of eminence in areas like sustainability, corporate inclusiveness, and diversity, as well as food quality, are elements that set OSI apart from other food businesses.

Lately, OSI Food Solutions has allocated substantial capital to meet goals that include doubling the OSI Food Solutions’ chicken volume. The creation of a new, high volume production facility in Toledo, Spain will assist in boosting OSI’s production chicken volume from 12 thousand tons of poultry to a 24 thousand ton capacity. Currently, OSI Food Solutions produces approximately 45 thousand tons of chicken, beef, and pork goods, yearly.

Two years ago, OSI Food Solutions bought Tyson Food’s plant. This Tyson facility is located in Chicago, Illinois. OSI Food Solutions purchased the Tyson plant for $74 million. At that time, OSI executives believed that this Tyson’s purchase would help spur long-term growth and sales.

OSI Food Solutions and their foreign subsidiaries provide employment opportunities in Europe (Poland, Germany, Spain, UK), the Americas, and Asia-Pacific markets.

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OSI Food Solutions Wins the Globe of Honour Award, Again!

OSI Group of Industries continued their winning streak in late November 2016 with yet another top accolade to their name. One of the core affiliates of this behemoth food supplies global company, OSI Food Solutions UK scooped walked away with the coveted Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council. OSI’s leading executives were all on hand to receive the award and honor at the grandiose Drapers Hall in Central London on the 25th November 2016, according to Provisioner OSI won for their innovative environmental management moves and strategies.

For one to qualify as a contender for the auspicious Globe of Honour Awards, businesses have to first obtain a minimum of five-star rating with the British Safety Council. In 2016, OSI Foods Industries was one of only 18 global companies that got this prestigious recognition for their outstanding environmental conservation measures. OSI’s exemplary services and meat products have enabled them to clinch the prestigious Globe of Honour Award for a record three times. OSI Foods won the title in 2013, 2015 and in 2016.

Prestigious Award

British Safety Council’s Chairlady, Lynda Armstrong was among the first experts to send out congratulatory messages to the OSI Foods UK following their astonishing win. Lynda both acknowledged and lauded the excellent job OSI Foods had done since launching operations in Europe, notably in the UK. Lynda Armstrong paid special tribute to OSI for their concerted efforts to develop ever more sustainable and eco-friendly processes and approaches.


OSI Group of Industries is a giant privately held food products supplier with a decade of experience. Over the decades, the custom value-added food firm has grown by incredible leaps for its superb quality processed foods, seamless supply, and distribution ring and for their amazing food product rates. As of 2018, the custom food supply titan, OSI had grown to have over 65 high-tech industrial sized meat processing plants in 17 countries. OSI, originally founded in Chicago, employs over 20K employees from a barrage of professional backgrounds and specialties.

Here are some of the prime offerings from OSI Food Solutions UK:-

Personalized food solutions
Supply chain management advice
Food quality assurance training
Sustainability tips


OSI’s ingenuity in preparing, preserving and shipping out their long-list of processed foods has won over the hearts of countless processed food lovers. Today, most of OSI’s sales are from processed foods like beef, seafood, poultry, and pork. OSI Industries have always maintained a culture of putting the people in the communities they work and reside and their customers at the top of OSI Food Solutions priorities list.

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OSI Group Success mainly due to Quality Executive Leadership

Just to get the undeniable off the beaten path, the OSI Group, LLC. is a piece of most American’s day by day life. This organization is one of the main meat processors on the planet. A year ago alone the organization prepared more than 300 million chicken in the Chinese market alone. The organization is driven by a standout amongst the most recognized administrators. One authority who emerges is the organization’s leader, David McDonald and take in more about David.

As per David McDonald, the organization utilized remote markets to event its development. Its corporate culture is such that it entwines with various societies and groups over the globe. The organization puts resources into neighborhood administration groups that supervise its operations in districts where the organization has a retail nearness.

A year ago, David McDonald drove the OSI Group, LLC. in making a critical securing. The firm gained Baho Foods to extend its quality in the European market. “The obtaining of Baho Foods presents OSI Group with a phenomenal chance to enhance its essence in Europe,” spoke David McDonald, the gathering’s President, and COO. The motivation behind why OSI gained Baho Foods is that, the retailer’s product offering up with OSI’s present preparing abilities and present OSI with a more extensive item scope that is required to fulfill the regularly widening requests of clients and more data click here.

Baho Foods has a more profound infiltration in the European Market with handling offices in Germany and the Netherlands. As indicated by McDonald, OSI needs to use this nearness to develop its client base and consequently develop its income. The endeavor considers Europe as a genuine market, as well as concentrating on the Chinese market. David has a conviction that China is OSI’s most encouraging business sector and therefore, the organization has laid forward methodologies that could enhance its operations in the Asian nation. For more info about us: click here.

The gathering’s leader, David continues assuming a huge part in the augmenting of the market arrangement of the business. He hailed from Iowa state and moved on from the State University of Iowa.

David Mcdonald, President of OSI Group Explains the Nature of OSI Group

Worldwide organizations are local in nature. For instance, an association with branches within the United States, China, and Europe can’t operate a one-size-fits-all operation. Cultural nuances, government regulations, and talent pool all influence the way companies are run. Within the food sector, that rundown of contemplations likewise incorporates the customers’ taste buds.

“We are situated in a good position that we have a worldwide system, more so with individuals from our association in workplaces or plants everywhere in the world,” says David McDonald leader of OSI Group. “We have a worldwide operation which implies the team has a scale in size notwithstanding the local management groups that are very understanding and sensitive towards the local tastes and groups. It is the power of worldwide scale and productivity alongside local planning.”

“Throughout the years, there are times we have opened more plants, and during other times, we have opened fewer plants. However we surely have a craving for development,” McDonald says. “Our administrator, Sheldon Lavin, has dependably pushed the association and in this way, there is a vitality in the association to develop and to end up noticeably more noteworthy and ensure we provide better services to our clients.”

McDonald discloses that offering more to its clients is not restricted to producing limit – which incorporates product improvement, too. OSI Group works together with its customers on the items they need to develop their business and thus bands together with its providers to accomplish that result. As purchasers become more sophisticated and demanding in their food selections – affordable versus premium, natural versus organic, and healthy but tasty, McDonald says the banding together procedure to give the shoppers precisely what they need has turned out to be significantly more important.

OSI Group consistently connects with equipment producers to establish methods that help in food quality and safety, including machines consisting x-ray equipment that are used to detect foreign particles. It likewise assumes a more dynamic part with its horticulture providers, checking how items are developed. “We draw in with clients from the get-go and talk about with them the arrangements they are working to give or the ideas that they need to seek after,” McDonald clarifies.