The Secret to the wildly successful Dick DeVos

For a man of Dick DeVos structure, nothing could have prepared him for this race. It was a race that came down to the wire and in which their grit was well tested. The competition hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club. It was just another day for the billionaire sailor Dick DeVos. He is a man who has made a name in the business world but who he says he got his art of the deal from sailing.


Nothing could have ever stopped Melges 32 sailor’s victory other than the psychotic wind field that came on Friday 13, 2016. Nothing prepared Melges 32 sailors for competition on the second day of 2016 Gold Cup competition, which was hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club. The lacing was spectacular with an addition of three races in the scoreboard. The addition of the three races brought a big examination.


It was led to a single point by Dick DeVos with reigning Champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG in second. Track five altercations with third overall Ben Schwartz on Pisces, Richard from Sweden receives 14/DSQ discarding his lead. Consequently, Dick DeVos completed in the top five positions. There was high infiltration of youth according to Lauderdale yacht club sailing foundation (LYCSF). LYCSF has made it possible to every Melges junior sailor to share the experience so as to improve sailing and learning of sailors to improve the competitive nature of these juniors over the world. The race three descriptions have been described fully giving a clear picture of the environment.


Dick DeVos is a graduate of Forest school and Northwood University. Here he studied for a degree in Finance where he was the best in his class. He then moved to Harvard University where he attended their business school. Dick says his experience at Harvard significantly affected his decisions later in life. He is famed for playing hard and working even harder.


Dick Devos is also a renowned philanthropist. He has made his name in the charity world by gaining out close to $ 100 million last years. Dick Devos and his wife today run the Besty and Devos Foundation. It has helped many schools going children get a good education.


Dick Devos credits his networking skills for making Amyway what it is. He advises all to work hard as nothing comes free.