George Soros Takes The Spotlight With Presidential Campaign Contributions

Hungarian multi billionaire George Soros has been getting a great deal of media attention as of late due to his recent comments at a economic summit in Sri Lanka regarding the Chinese financial crisis. Mr. George Soros has publicly stated, at the previously mentioned economic summit, as well as elsewhere, that the economic desperation facing the global market from the Chinese stock market crash amounts to a crisis and one which, in his opinion, will likely be far, far worse than even the housing market collapse of 2007 and 2008.

But now he’s drawing even more attention and controversy with a new and particularly partisan gesture of support. The erudite hedge fund manager and investor recently donated a combined and impressive eight million dollars to various Hillary Clinton backing super PACs (political action committees). His first donation, amounting to one million US dollars, was made out to the Clinton backing super PAC, Priorities USA and later to the super PAC called American Bridge 21st Century to the tune of another solitary million. George Soros’ most recent contribution, and the one which has created the most media buzz, is also the largest and thus, the most impacting, totaling to six million even and being made out, once again, to Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA super PAC.

The reason this gesture has been catching everyone’s attention is twofold, number one, George Soros’ massive generous contributions have brought the Clinton campaign’s financial total up to a staggering $ 41 million US dollars – and that’s only counting what they have received from super PACs like Priorities USA and American Bridge 21st Century. The second reason for all the buzz is that this is George Soros’ first major return to political contributions since 2012 – and with a checkbook that large it is easy to see why so many in the world of politics are interested. Whether or not this is the last campaign contribution Mr. Soros intends on making to the Clinton campaign remains a mystery, but what is certain is that Hillary Clinton’s chances are now looking much, much better.

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