George Soros Gives Billions to the Open Fund Society

George Soros is known all over the world as an activist and humanitarian who has donated billions of dollars to groups and issues that he strongly believes in. He was born in Hungary, in 1930, where he lived with the Nazi occupation from 1944-1945. He moved to the United States where worked his way up from a struggling immigrant to a very successful entrepreneur.

Soros has donated over $32 billion dollars of his own money since 1984. In 2017, he gave $18 billion to the Open Fund Society, which helps minorities around the world. The Fund gives money and assistance to individuals and groups that strive for freedom.Some of these groups include such groups as immigrants and Jewish nationals. Soros’ main goal is to help to establish governments that symbolize freedom justice for people.

In addition to the Open Society Fund, George Soros gives money to university students who are disenfranchised and unable to pay for tuition. He wants to help those that who are discriminated against because of who they are. In spite of opposition from staunch conservatives who don’t support his liberal stance, Soros continues to use his success to help others.

There are many detractors of Soros who insist that he is using his wealth to manipulate governments politicians to change to his own political views. This demonization of charitable giving and George Soros particularly is not a new political strategy. The attacks and hatred went from his home country of Hungary to Moscow and the United States.

There have been powerful men in many different countries who have tried to attack Soros by attributing all types of misconduct to him. They assert he is buying government leaders and trying to influence elections with his wealth and power. These attacks are all a part of a political strategy to prevent Soros from succeeding to damage his reputation.

In 2015, there was a large population of immigrants and refugees coming into the country, conservatives blamed Soros for his control and wealth. This attack was illustrated dangerously in Poland when a group of people burned Soros in effigy for being a Jewish businessman with wealth power. A legislator in Poland said of Soros, he is the most dangerous man in the world.

These types of intimidation and demonization Soros seem to have the hint of Anti-Semitism with aspects of attitudes that insist a Jewish man should not be so wealthy and should be in his “place.” Some have called these incidents of blaming George Soros a “witchhunt,” led by the right-wing conservatives in the United States.

George Soros has made a difference in the global movements of public health and protecting the rights of those who can’t do for themselves. He has used his wealth to bring about changes in causes that he believes in. His many billions of dollars have brought real, concrete changes and even at 86 years old, Soros is a passionate activist who doesn’t believe in just discussing a change. He asserts that those who succeed should use everything in their abilities to assist those who can’t always help themselves. and Follow him