Bad Reviews Are Bad For Buisness, Can Help

Being an entrepreneur, your life is your business and your business is your life, so when both your reputation and livelihood are threatened by bad search results it can feel like everything is falling apart. It is important to remember that your business is not going to fall apart just because some disgruntled people try to attack you or your business. So take a deep breath and figure out how to rise above this unfortunate, but all too common, situation and you will find that a few simple steps and services like can help remove negative news online.

Business owner Kizanzi Constable has gone through just such an attack on his business and reputation and has some very good advice on how to deal with and overcome a bad rap. First and foremost, this is an attack on your livelihood, this is your business, and this is what pays your bills, so resist the urge to say or do nothing but you cannot get angry and lash back emotionally for risk of looking unprofessional either. Instead you will want to respond with action, like providing you existing customers with assurances that their service will not suffer, you will not pull up shop on them, and even provide extra value that meets your customers’ needs. This is your way to counteract the bad with a lot of good, your customers will be reassured that despite any other unpleasantness, your focus is still on them and quality service. Speaking of which, never forget why you’re doing this in the first place.

The last piece of advice Mr. Constable had is to reach out for support. You must conduct yourself professionally but that doesn’t mean you must suffer this alone. Talk and plan your next steps out with those you trust. Make sure to include an online cleanup service, such as, to help clean up online reputations. Bad press and reviews are a part of doing business, but you don’t have to take it lying down, there is help out there for you. Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleanup to learn more.

Handling Bad Feedback

When you’re a business owner, it means a lot of thing. Long hours, hard work, constant brainstorming and most importantly, keeping a constant and loyal customer base. With social media being so popular in this generation, it can be hard to manage an online reputation. However, so many people rely on the experiences and reviews of others so making sure your business is being portrayed in a positive light on the Internet is crucial to having a successful business.


In an article online, it discusses some ways to handle damaging feedback. Things tend to spread like wildfire once they hit social media, so at times you can find yourself in a bind even if it’s just one angry client making the comment. The best thing you can do is stay quiet and not get into an online tiff. The argument will make you look unprofessional. If you act like nothing is going on and stay open for business, it will let your customers know you are there to still provide products and services. You could even offer a promotion to keep the customers coming back and interested in your company. Keep your friends and family close for mental support as this time may prove to be on of your biggest challenges. Try to remember the reasons you started your business in the first place- it will help guide you through until the viral comment is old news.


If the issues prove to be damaging for an extended period of time or you don’t wish to deal with as press, you can always contact This website will clean up all bad news and comments associated with your business. This is a great alternative because it allows you to look to the future of the business and forget about the issues that were stopping you from growing.
Keeping your online reputation positive can prove to be challenging, but If you’re ever in a situation that you feel will spoil your solid reputation, can assist you. When people search your company, then they will only find positive comments, thus increasing your chances of growing your customer base.