A Thought to Change the World

Have you ever watched a superhero movie and wondered how much good you could do if you had super powers? What if I told you that you do have a super power? One you use every day without an afterthought. Well, like you, I’d find that very hard to believe. But believe it or not, it’s actually true. Your thoughts can now make a difference. And not just any thoughts (and I am not talking about the power of telepathy here), but rather positive ones. I’d like to tell you about this new exciting initiative dubbed the RYTHM Foundation initiative. The aim of the campaign is to donate HomePure RED, which is a 7-stage water filtration system, to Taarana School in Malaysia which caters for kids with special learning needs and Rashid Center for the disabled in UAE.

The campaign is sponsored by Qnet, a company belonging to the QI Group and located in Hong Kong. Qnet specializes in a variety of consumer products such as nutrition, weight management solutions, fashion accessories to mention a few. The company was founded in 1998 by Joseph Bismarkwith and Vijay Eswaran with operations carried out in various countries all over the world. Over the years, Qnet has been engaged in various sponsorship and humanitarian activities.

The RYTHM Foundation Initiative pegged the Positive Thoughts Project seeks to obtain at least 1,000 positive comments with each person allowed a maximum of 3 comments. The aim is to collect 500 positive comments within two weeks time upon which Qnet will donate HomePure