Electric Car Aftermarket Grows for Pseudo-Enthusiasts

Look out custom parts aftermarket, here come electric vehicles. While typical electric car owners aren’t necessarily car enthusiasts per say, they are certainly passionate about what they drive. The electric car aftermarket isn’t a big one at the moment; however, there are plenty of custom parts for almost every electric car on the market.

The main reason the parts aftermarket for electric vehicles opened up so much is the fact that electric vehicles are all over the media. Incumbent automakers are introducing their own take on electric cruising while media darling Elon Musk continues to grow his upstart Tesla Motors.

The old saying goes: if you build it they will come. A hospital seems to think this seems to be the case for electric vehicles. Owners have a variety of reasons for purchasing an electric vehicle from environmental activism to cutting edge hipsters following the trend.

The parts aftermarket for electric vehicles is very similar to its gas guzzling counterpart. Electric vehicles just have a very limited selection and don’t include a lot of high performance options at the moment. I’m sure at some point in the future high end electric racers will dominate the streets and drag strips.