Sergio Cortes Is Keeping The Memory Of Michael Jackson Alive And Well

Death is a difficult subject for anyone. But it always takes a stranger tone when it occurs to groundbreaking artists. When someone of that stature passes away it can leave people mourning who’ve never met the performer before. And entire generations grow up who are immersed in the artists creation, but who’ve never even had a chance to see them in person. Any death leaves a hole in the lives of those left behind. But it’s all the more apparent for those performers who’ve reached the apex of their craft. They leave behind an entire world in need of their presence. In some cases those performances are able to go on though. One of the best examples of this can be found with Michael Jackson and a man named Sergio Cortes.

In his childhood, Cortes had a surprisingly significant experience in front of the TV. His mother noticed how similar he looked to a figure on the screen. That figure was, of course, Michael Jackson. Shortly afterward he delighted other children with impressions of the famous performer. But it was mostly a simple hobby for the boy, one among many. It wasn’t until puberty that it began to become far more. Usually such growth spurts will come with some dramatic changes to one’s looks. It’d be natural to expect that age would make Cortes look less and less like Jackson. But instead age would hold the exact opposite in store for him. The older Cortes became, the more he looked like Jackson. And what had started as a hobby began to turn into a profession.

He began as most people would, with smaller shows for people close to him. But his skill quickly pushed him past these smaller venues. And as his strength in his performance grew, so did his connection to Jackson. Unlike many impersonators, he wasn’t content to simply work with the more superficial characteristics of Jackson’s life. Cortes wanted to fully understand and fully immerse himself within Jackson’s view of the world. He began to dress, act, and speak at times in a way similar to Jackson.

It’s this effort for authenticity combined with the nearly identical physical characteristics which have made Cortes into a superstar in his own right. The world might no longer have Jackson. But one can still find a similar feel to the king of pop by going to one of the performances Cortes puts together.