Bulletproof Coffee Usage Guide

Bulletproof Coffee is a coffee blend that is made with medium-chain triglyceride oil and quality butter. Dave Asprey developed the recipe because he wanted to sell a beverage that offered weight loss benefits. According to experts, the blend is a success since it gives consumers an additional energy boost, which enhances mental sharpness. Overall, Bulletproof Coffee is worth buying; however, many people don’t achieve the best results because they make one simple mistake.

Mistake – Force-Feeding

Bulletproof coffee drinkers should always eat quality foods. By eating healthy foods, the ingredients in Bulletproof Coffee make various energy adjustments automatically. The problem is that most Bulletproof Coffee drinkers eat too many foods that are made with unhealthy ingredients. However, there are easy ways to solve this problem.

If consumers drink Bulletproof Coffee with a lot of healthy green veggies, excessive weight issues will less likely occur. Also, snacks should only be consumed when hungry strikes. Finally, when eating a meal at home or at a restaurant, always drop the fork the moment the stomach feels full.

Bonus Advice – How to Brew a Cup of Bulletproof Coffee

Although Bulletproof Coffee offers tons of health benefits, it can be brewed like traditional coffee. However, a few additional procedures must be implemented to enhance the flavors of the beverage.

Prep the blender. When the coffee is brewing , boil more water and pour it in a blender. This technique will pre-heat the blender.

Blend the froth. After the blender is properly heated, remove the hot water. Then, dump the brewed coffee into the blender with MCT oil and butter. Finally, blend everything until the foam has a thick layer.

Optional flavor enhancers. Dark chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon will give the coffee an additional flavor note. A sweetener can also be used, such as xylitol.

Billboard.com suggests that this is the breakfast of choice for many celebrities in Hollywood. Dave Asprey, the founder, recently opened up a number of coffee shops throughout SoCal serving up his hot-buttered Bulletproof Coffee.