San Fransisco Says NO to Soda

Following in the shoes of New York, which is trying to add warnings to foods that are high in salt, San Francisco plans to ban soda ads and require warning labels on all drinks that are sweetened with sugar. Soda ads will be prohibited on public property as well. The ban even expands to disallow any city funds to be spent on sodas, according to a recent article.

Let me just say that I feel like everyday, the United States is moving closer to a socialist nation and further away from the democratic one that was founded hundreds of years ago. It seems that the government feels that the average American cannot think for himself or herself. We all have brains and can make decisions on our own, and it is very frustrating that the government cannot recognize that fact. Our country was founded with freedom in mind Sam Tabar recalls; our amendments give us freedom of speech, rights to bear arms and worship as we wish. One could assume that since we can speak and move about the country freely, we could probably manage to decide how to feed and hydrate ourselves, but it appears that the government does not agree.