Jason Hope, the Big-Hearted Investor

John Hope stands out as a brilliant entrepreneur with the ability to determine future trends for the benefit of humanity. Jason’s latest eBook, Understanding the internet of things revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era, looks into the use of technology in future. Jason Hope describes the internet of things as an ever-expanding influence on the lives of people. According to Jason Hope, IoT has made things easier for people to understand technology. In the eBook, Jason Hope believes that having a deeper understanding of technology is necessary because it has become part of people’s lives both at home and in their education sector.

Jason invests mostly in technology to help improve people’s lives. His latest interest aims to bring more light on all aspects of the internet of things. Jason Hope also addresses the concerns related to the enforcement and regulations of the internet of things. In his books, Jason Hope focuses on explaining the components of the IoT and ways of using devices related to the internet of things in more responsible ways. Through platforms such as the eBooks, Jason Hope explains to his readers how to protect themselves from cyber-security issues.

More about Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropic investor, futurist, and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope has a high passion for everything related to technology. Jason also dedicates most his time towards improving the living standards of people in the community. Jason Hope obtained his degree in Finance from Arizona University. Jason also holds an MBA from Carey School of Business, a college of Arizona State University. After graduation, Jason Hope started a mobile communication firm before focusing his efforts on philanthropic ventures, biotechnology projects and investing in new business startups. Lately, Jason Hope engages in the mentoring projects with the high school students around Scottsdale. For the entrepreneurs, Jason Hope has a grant program for them to enable them to navigate the tough economic times and challenges of running businesses.

Apart from the business and philanthropic initiatives, Jason Hope also engages in politics. Politics provides an avenue through which people like Jason Hope could change the business environment. Jason understands that business progress is only possible with the right government policies in place. His insights and advice about technology are necessary and crucial in the modern business and in the policy implementation. Potential investors can be sure of getting the most valuable information regarding technology future.

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Hope’s Undying Support To The Anti-aging Research Set To Yield Fruits.

Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and entrepreneur based in Arizona. He was born on March 5, 1970 in Liverpool, England, in UK. He started his career as a young actor in 1982 where he featured in Hope’s first movie Brookside, and After They Were Famous, in 1999. Having been born and raised in Arizona, Jason had his undergraduate degree in Finance from Arizona states University, and later an MBA from the same University, W.P Carey School of Business.

With his education in business, he was deeply drawn into venturing into something related, and entrepreneurship seemed like it. However, he was so inspired by mobile technology, and the much effect it had in the world, especially by the fact that it was accessible to almost everyone worldwide. With the technology still craving for improvement and innovative adjustments, this was definitely a great opportunity for Hope, and he started off with creating a premium text message service.

Though Hope has done a lot in the mobile technology industry and has such a strong believe in the Internet of Things technology, Hope has recently been seen doing much in as a health-care technology investor.

In 2010, Hope made a 0.5 million dollars contribution to SENS Foundation, an organization dedicated to find solutions of dealing with age-related diseases. Hope has since then been a fervent contributor to the nonprofit organization, both financially, by giving them grants, and also in participating in the organizations’ outreaches. He firmly believes that an improvement in the health care and pharmaceutical industry, is a sure way of a prolonged human life and a healthy aging.

From a Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference held by SENS Foundation in August 2014, there were already a major research and panel discussions taking place to bring into existence a regenerative medicine solutions meant to cure the anti aging disease, through expert collaborations. The conference was parked with medical experts, researchers, economists and advisors, meant to bring their expertise and knowledge in this matter. They were to discuss on some of the age related diseases such as musculoskeletal disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, among others. The attendants had a thorough look at the current advances of the diseases and come up with new strategies to curb them.

In a recent speech from Hope, he gave an assurance that SENS Foundation,’s rejuvenation biotechnologies medicine field, is in some serious task of finally realizing the awaited anti-aging drug. Hope says that their aim is not to make people live forever but to enjoy longer and quality lives.

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Jason Hope Speaks About His Career Path

Jason Hope is a futurist, who mainly focuses on the internet of things (IoT). He is also commonly known as an entrepreneur, investor in health care technology, and philanthropist. He acquired a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University School of Business and proceeded to acquire MBA from the same institution. Jason says that his idea was mainly birthed because of the courses he took in Arizona, as they were inspirational. He says that having schooled in Arizona, one is inspired to come up with a business’s idea. Since mobile technology inspired Jason, he decided to pursue a business that was related as it would reach many people and benefit them.

Jason first started with selling premium text message services, which laid a foundation for the future of his career in technology as well as his related medical research as a futurist. Jason says that he makes his money from his many technology companies. The mother company is Jawa, which was the first company that Jason created as a communication company. Jawa was a mother of many partnerships that later formed. Currently, he raises income from companies that offer marketing services such as SEO and computer business information as well as interactive software. Jason says that he keeps focused on where technology is going, and he intends to keep progressing.

Jason also states that his ventures became profitable almost immediately, and this kept him investing in companies and people. Although every project has a degree of doubt, Jason keeps pushing because he knows that it is normal. He also says that an entrepreneur’s success is determined by how he handles his failures and challenges. Consequently, Jason makes certain that he positively handles the hurdles.

Jason also says that one should run a career that is close to their passion. Technology was always his passion since the time he was a child, and that makes Jason Hope’s job interesting. He says that he does not struggle to wake up daily since he is excited about every new project. The above would not be possible if Jason were not passionate about what he does. Consequently, he asks entrepreneurs not to handle projects that they are not passionate about as it often takes a lot of effort and does not pay back.

Moreover, Jason says that he got his first customer through a referral from a company he worked for before. Later he built his network of clients, and his excellent work led to many other referrals. He asks entrepreneurs to offer quality products as that will ensure that their networks grow. Moreover, he says quality production increases customers’ loyalty and builds trust levels that make the customers return clients over long periods.

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