Mental Health Struggles And Marriages: Roseann Bennett Addresses The Challenges

Mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. There have been many instances in the news of celebrities coming forward about their own personal struggles with mental health and, sadly, others that have chosen to take their own lives. A (LMFT) licensed marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett has been working to remove the negative stigma from getting therapy for mental health disorders.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in its honor, Roseann Bennett shared one of the most common struggles adults have- marital depression. The term ‘depression’ is common, but most people haven’t heard of it in reference to marriage specifically.


As a marriage counselor, Bennett sees this form of depression frequently and knows that it stems from untreated personal depression. The problems that stem from that put huge amounts of strain on a couple. Eventually, both parties struggle or act out because of one person’s mental health issue. Roseann Bennett encourages people to not let their depression reach this pinnacle, but rather to treat it early to prevent larger problems in the long-run.


Tips to Stay in Control of Your Mental Health from Roseann Bennett


  • Talk to someone that can help


  • Avoid unnecessary stress


  • Focus on the positive things in life


  • Don’t try to control everything-it won’t work


Roseann Bennett is the founder and Executive Director of Center for Assessment and Treatment. Center for Assessment and Treatment, a charitable organization that focuses on treating mental health problems for all people in need. The organization has been open and helping people for eight years while Bennett herself has over a decade of therapy experience. Visit This Page to learn more.


Roseann Bennett continues to focus on serving others in her community, spending time with her family, and helping people improve their lives through addressing mental health needs rather than purely physical needs.