Talkspace And Mental Health

The average person will go to their family physician if they feel ill or require some type of medical treatment. However, few venture out to seek mental health treatment because of the stigma that is attached to that disease. The fact is that mental health issues are a very common problem in today’s society. More common than other physical issues that affect one’s health. For example, heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. Clearly, mental health issues are a problem that will not simply disappear. In fact, untreated mental health issues might even lead to suicide attempts or death.

Mental Health Issues And Relationships

Talkspace recognizes that untreated mental health issues lead to extreme concern for the individual. Untreated mental health issues also lead to relationship issues too. For example, millions suffer with a bipolar disorder, which is a mental health issue that quickly damages any relationship. Those with a bipolar disorder start to avoid commitments and relationships because they have trouble dealing with intimacy and tend to have a very tough time dealing with people and their feelings.


Certainly, it is difficult dealing with a mental health issue like a bipolar disease or any other type of mental health issue. However, The Talkspace application makes receiving treatment a very simple process. Talkspace is a text message based therapy application that will supply the user with a professional counselor or therapist that is trained to handle their type of mental health issue. After getting matched up with a therapist the user has the opportunity to ask the therapist questions.

Text Based Affordable Therapy

Another reason that some might avoid seeking mental health treatment is due to the cost involved. Perhaps, they do not have the insurance to cover expensive therapy sessions provided by a traditional therapist. Talkspace is much more affordable and costs around $25 a week.