Malcolm CasSelle Sets the Trends in the Digital Markets

According to Malcolm CasSelle, it is likely that the Cryptocurrency craze will be further fanned by its use in the gaming circles. It happens that OPSkins is a leading virtual assets dealer specializing in the sale of videos games that can be bought using bitcoin. It is an online secure platform that was started by Malcolm CasSelle. He is also the company’s CIO. According to the available data regarding the use of the disruptive currency, OPSkins is the leading bitcoin merchant across the globe. OPSkins has a large number of users spanning across the globe. These users love to make cross payments in small amounts. OPSkins has made it possible for traders to carry on with their activities, uninterrupted, irrespective of how far they are from what they are buying. It is evident that the demand for a decentralized user protocol is high. Naturally, running a platform with a centralized marketplace presents a range of challenges and limitations. It is only natural to find ways of decentralizing the transactions. Consequently, the OPSkins think-tanks have created a new platform that will help to ease the problem of carrying out transactions across borders without disruptions and delays.


The World Wide Asset eXchange is a new blockchain avenue that facilitates trading in virtual assets. It is built on a smart platform concept that allows buyers and sellers to trade virtual goods and services without disruption. According to the developers of the system, WAX has filled important gaps in the trading system. It has dealt with the problem of fraud and that of fragmentation. It has been built with a tweak that makes it work interactively with the blockchain program so that users can instantly buy and sell their assets. According to the developers of the new technology, WAX has come in handy for a host of traders that were often stranded, owing to the limitations of language, payment processing, and security concerns. WAX Token is driving the blockchain through facilitating a seamless transaction platform. The technology allows users to make purchases and sell to others without leaving the primary screen.


Brief Background of Malcolm CasSelle

He is the current President of Worldwide Asset eXchange( WAX). Malcolm CasSelle is the brains behind the already-successful video games merchant. He has worked as the CTO of tronc too. Generally, Malcolm CasSelle is an innovative entrepreneur and corporate leader with a knack for generating opportunities in business through the use of technology. He also pioneered the timeline labs which were to be later bought by SeaChange International. Other startups in the digital world associated with Malcolm CasSelle include MediaPass, Xfire among others.