Who is GovPayNet and Why It Is Good for Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has conquered its own field in the past couple of years, as the leading provider of technological solutions for prisons and correction agencies. Lately, they have acquired another company to assist them with their payment servicing business and to improve what they can provide to their clients even more. That corporation is GovPayNet, and they directly deal with credit and debit cards, allowing for a better control of payments and receipts.



Securus Technologies has a focus on two distinct philosophies: Granting security and safety to their clients and customers, as well as improving their technological solutions and updating what they can provide whenever they can. That work ethic has brought them to update their platform almost every week, adding new things for their users as well as fixing problems and improving the overall experience.



GovPayNet is another enormous corporation, just like Securus Technologies. This little company provides their payment, credit card, and debit card services to thousands of agencies scattered around the territory of the United States, actually providing to over 20% of all U.S. counties.



As of now, Securus Technologies will be using the payment services of this company to improve their solutions and allow for a more specialized corporation in the payment field to handle the economic side of the business. While at it, Securus Technologies will continue to improve what they know best: Developing technological solutions for prisons and correction agencies.



Securus Technologies is increasingly more famous each year, and that fame is due to the fact that they have brought solutions to penitentiaries that were lacking in the market. The security that is provided by the monitoring system added by the company is unmatched, and inmates have a good relationship with the provider. “After this place hired Securus Technologies, not once did a telephone call suffer disconnection,” stated a particular inmate named Eric, 32 years old.



Securus Technology’s Progressive Approach For Crime Prevention

Here at Securus Technologies, we have revolutionized inmate communications. The company offers numerous telephone services such as voice mail, video services and phone services. We employ over 1,000 people, and we serve over 2,200 Correctional Facilities in Canada and the U.S. These are some of the most premier communication services for inmates. Back in 2016, $600 million was invested right back into these innovative services. This includes patents, acquisitions and technologies. Our advanced technologies allow the inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones, and we take pride in knowing that the services benefit both sides of the spectrum.


Crime is no laughing matter, especially for individuals who remain in touch with negative outside sources. Our criminal justice technological solutions have drastically cut down on crime in general. Prevention is the key and this technology helps the prison system to monitor and investigate inmate to inmate crime. This is great for incarceration complexes as well as outside society. We’re on our job 24 hours a day because crime doesn’t take any days off. We have numerous positive emails and letters from law enforcement officials stating that the technology is creating an overall safer environment.


One official stated that ” the information from the monitored calls helped to obtain a search warrant for staff members who have been corrupted.” Others have stated that “we are impressed with the company’s vision and capabilities to fight crime.” In other words, Securus Technologies are making a huge impact in investigations and for jail security.


This company provides the highest of quality services hands down. Other key benefits of service includes live chat, money transfers and customer care. All in all, Securus is setting new trends, it’s raising the bar even higher than before, and it’s changing the current status quo.

Securus Technologies Offers the Best Offender Management Solutions

Freedom is something of essence but even more important is the freedom of expression. Although inmates may or may not have done an action to warrant confinement, humanity allows for some form of right regardless of anything. Inmates due to the strict prison policies find themselves limited for choice due to the scarcity of legally accepted communication devices. The Securus Technologies run to the inmates’ aid to at least help facilitate communication between them and their kith and kins.


Securus Technology has been in existence for a while now, having been founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas from which it currently operated as the head office. It has two other auxiliary offices in Texas at Carrollton and Allen and yet another office in Atlanta, Georgia. The prison technology services include; telephoning, inmate debit, direct bill and advance connect. Nevertheless, progressive innovation has lead to the development of managed access solution for monitoring and recording inmates’ calls, cell defender technology, and wireless containment solutions among others.


The systems have been applied in correctional facilities and have proved to provide public safety, allow for monitoring and investigation and wholesomely make the corrections through the system easy to make or track. The company has been reviewed both online and offline with come very encouraging positive feedback from the public, prison wardens and inmates. Most important as it has been reported is that it has made communication easier, simplified the tracking of a wrongdoer or inmates planning evil, captured offenders or other inmates’ affiliated lawbreakers, helped fight the war against drugs, fraud & stolen goods, take proactive measures on malicious prison officers. In brief terms, Securus Technologies has given relief to the tensioned prison environment.


About Securus Technologies

It is headed by Richard A. Smith as the Chief Executive Officer since 2008, who took over from Richard Falcone. With the workforce of about 1,000 the company efficiently serves 2,200 correctional centers. This is with the United States and across Canada. The company has invested heavily regarding acquisitions, patents and technologically. Based on the July 2015 report about phone calls the company had served over 70 million people through the system. Its success has lead to the company being named as an international brand leader in prison technology.



Securus Technologies Wins the Stevie Award

Securus Technologies is a leading communications provider for public safety and criminal justice establishments, recently announced that it is the recipient of the Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Training. Securus accepted the honor at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. The ceremony was held in Las Vegas as Caesar’s Palace, and more than 650 executives from various parts of the world were in attendance.


The Stevie Awards are the top honors for professionals and corporations in the business development, contact center customer service and sales industries. The Stevie Awards is also responsible for organizing many of the leading business awards programs in the world, including the American Business Awards and the International Business Awards.


Over 2,300 nominations were evaluated to choose a winner. Finalists were decided by the median scores of 77 professionals around the world who served as independent judges.


Danny de Hoyos, the senior vice president of operations at Securus, stated it was an honor to be recognized by experts for the significant strides the company has made in customer service. Michael Gallagher, the president and founder of the Stevie Awards, said that the awards program is one of the fastest growing, and that this is a testament of the importance of customer development and business development.


They say real competitors are those that always play to win and these two companies are pushing harder than ever to prove each other wrong, to stand out and to be named the market leader. I believe it is best to look at each of the companies. Securus Technologies is a company that operates from Dallas, Texas giving an emergency response, information management, biometric analysis, communication, incident management, inmate self-service, investigation services. On the other hand, GTL provides facility management, and solution in payment and deposit, content, inmate communication, investigative and visitations. It is evident that the two companies, desire to make our prisons more effective and efficient with a hope of making the world a better place.

So what led to the bake-off between the two companies? June 7, 2016, GTL issued a press release, and according to Securus, this version was highly inaccurate. This led to Richard A. Smith the CEO of Securus to call for a bake off with GTL once again as he termed it a better solution than the inaccurate press release. And on the 23rd Jan 2017, another release and this time Securus wanted to be heard and thus announced a technological challenge to its main competitors GTL.

According to Richard, this is the things Securus have that GTL doesn’t:

  • A larger product set
  • A domestic-based call center
  • Trained field technicians
  • Greatest Voice Over Internet Protocol Correction Calling Platform
  • Superior customer services

Further, Securus CEO believes that the company has better in the ratios, in the win/loss ratio Securus takes $ 4 in revenue from GTL VS the $ 1 that it loses to GTL. When it comes to the customer’s rate, Securus is preferred almost 3 to 1. “Looking at both platforms, to compare technologies independently, IT work robustness, scalability, investments made, resource, we prevail in all attributes that matter, “stressed Richard. The man concluded that the company could indeed put their money behind their words.


Better Communication Using Securus

When it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones behind bars, Securus makes it a whole lot easier for you and your loved ones. Many individuals do not even know about this company and so it is great to know that this is something that can help them and to make their lives a whole lot easier. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it is a good idea for you to check this company out for yourself and see if it can help you as it has for so many other individuals.


Securus has also launched a multi-state campaign that you will become aware of by simply looking into it and seeing that they are becoming more and more known for their video visitation services. In fact, this multi-state campaign that they have recently launched is raising the awareness that people have of the services that they are offering to the public. I have used Securus in the past and have loved the results from it because of the fact that it allowed me to keep in touch with a loved one without needing to always make a trip to the prison just to be able to see them on a regular basis.


There are so many different options out there for you to make life easier and it is important for you to look into secure is because of the different options it has. This is something that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in your own life and can be exactly what you need in terms of getting the most from this and what it is able to offer to you. Make sure that you look into it for yourself if you have a loved one in prison and would like to keep in better touch with them without having to constantly worry that you have to make a trip to the prison just to be able to see them.


Sources :

Securus Technologies


Top Provider of Innovative Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies, a top provider of innovative technology solutions for investigation, corrections, public safety, and monitoring, has teamed up with Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) to offer inmates an amazing communication experience. According to the free calling program, each inmate imprisoned at an LA DOC facility will have one free call to contact his or her family and friend that might be affected by recent floods. The program will run up to September 7, 2016. Securus expects to connect more than 250,000 free calls within the next seven days.


Richard Smith’s statements


Richard Smith reiterated that connecting detainees with family is one of the major services offered by Securus Technologies. He said that the flooding in Louisiana is so severe, and the company is taking extraordinary measures to ensure that effective communications are maintained to minimize anxiety and stress of incarcerated persons as well as their loved ones.


The cost of the calls that Securus Technologies is offering for free is about $300,000. Additionally, the firm is donating $50,000 to the detainee welfare fund to help the incarcerated persons. Richard Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. Watch this video on Youtube.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies focuses on providing cutting-edge criminal justice and civil technology solutions, which enhance public safety and improve the incarceration experience. Over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies depend on Securus for straightforward and innovative technology solutions, which are readily available and easy to use. The company leverages hundreds of experienced engineers, designers, technologists, and thinkers who come up with innovative solutions to solve problems that inmates and correctional agencies face. The company has 30 years of experience and professional expertise in delivering revolutionary technological solutions to the corrections industry. Apart from modernizing correctional agencies, the firm aims at making the world a peaceful and safe place.