White Shark Media Complaints Addressed In An Effort To Maintain Excellent Customer Service

White Shark Media opened their doors in 2011. It was one of 29 Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners in the US. Since their inception, they have helped thousands of customers across the country to build their marketing campaigns and manage them on their behalf.

The results have been astounding. Like any newer business, they have had their ups and downs. While they have had many compliments, they have also had some constructive criticism that they have had to deal with. Rather than pushing it under the rug, they choose to openly address the critique in 2014. A letter published by one of the management team seemed to put existing and future customers at ease.

According to TheValanx, When White Shark Media first opened, they didn’t have a direct telephone system with dedicated account representatives. Through all the complaints they received, it seemed that was one thing that people hated most. Now, all accounts have been assigned a dedicated representative.

These reps have voice mail and can be directly dialed during business hours. There is no need to go through several people to get to the right person. The response to this fix has been overwhelming. Read more: Improved Because of Them

Another problem that many customers mentioned is that they want to know what was going on with their accounts. While results can be seen in as little as one month, it can take up to three months for the full impact to be felt. So, in answer to this problem, each account gets monthly reports and a telephone conference with their account manager. This ensures that they always know what is going on and can give input regarding account transactions.

White Shark Media also wanted to make sure that their customers felt they were getting a good deal. They now offer flat fee marketing solutions with full transparency. They don’t even require a contract to sign up for services. You can simply pay as you go and cancel at any time. This allows anyone that has their doubts about signing up for a new service to try it out.

Though White Shark Media Complaints team does not have any SEO program at this time, they are happy to overlook any program that may be integrated with their aspects of business. They will consider adding something of this nature in the future. For right now, they feel like they have their hands full with keeping the customers happy and making money. Addressing these issues is one thing but making sure they never happen again shows what a good company they are.