The best way to get your article created and published on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the seventh most popular website in the world, and to make it more accessible, Wikipedia through crowd-sourced contribution is adding text-to-speech synthesis that will enable user to have text read out to them from the encyclopedia. From a pilot study conducted, it is estimated that nearly 125 million people who use Wikipedia per month prefer text in spoken form. This may be due to visual impairment or literacy reasons. This speech technology is being developed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology University in Stockholm.

In addition, Wikipedia will make the speech synthesis platform an open source. This will enable user to download the platform for personal use and use software for other website pages. Wikipedia goal is offer synthesized-speech for almost 300 languages that can be supported by encyclopedia in online platforms.
With these developments, Wikipedia will continue to enjoy a more superb position in Google and yahoo search results. Thus, learning to make a Wikipedia page for your personal branding or business is a major marketing advantage. A Wikipedia page for business, company, or even personal branding show up in the first five search results in a search engine. This is because Wikipedia pages get automatic SEO boost on search engine. Making use search of optimized Wikipedia page creation for free, your Wikipedia article can be used as an effective tool for an excellent first impression to general public or prospective customers searching your name or name of your business.
It is crucial to mention Wikipedia does not allow biased and promotional content. Otherwise, your post may be flagged or removed. In addition, Wikipedia calls for strict adherence to Wiki writing guidelines for its content. This infers that you cannot just post or write whatever you want despite your best intentions. In addition to careful research, good grammar, and appropriate vocabulary you are required to document your sources and follow manual of outline guidelines for your article to be accepted. These stringent standards have dissuaded many people from learning to create a Wiki page about their business or themselves.
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