The Lime Crime Story

Lime Crime was started by Doe Deere in 2009 after she tried to find makeup and colors that fit her taste and eclectic style, but could not. Finding that the bright and stand out colors that she wanted were no where to be found encouraged her to start her own line of cosmetics. Doe Deere introduced Unicorn Lipsticks in 2008 with a brightly glittered unicorn on the packaging. Once she saw how popular this was she knew she needed to do more and Lime Crime was born.


Doe Deere had an innovative idea at the right time. The world was ready for something new, innovative and aesthetically beautiful. The trend at the time was for natural makeup, such as beiges and browns, that while attractive, were getting boring for most people, especially the younger fashion set. Lime Crime’s appeal to women and men in their 20’s is what launched her but her products also appeal to more seasoned fashionistas too. The world was ready for a fresh take and Deere gave it to them.


Deere credits her ability to follow her dreams as her main reason for success but she is a bit humble with this as her creative vision, drive and talent are impressive and extraordinary and quite obviously a big factor in the success of Lime Crime. Starting off with a business that was totally online was innovative and so is her use of social media for marketing as well as for company information. Lime Crime and Deere make use of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even SnapChat.


The Lime Crimes Websites star attraction is a visually stunning blog whose address is Here Lime Crime keeps up with the latest trends, it’s new cosmetic lines and specials and fan spotlights. Deere maintains that her clients are of the utmost importance to her and she practices what she preaches. Aside from client/fan spotlights on the Lime Crime blog she has a customer page where clients can send pics of themselves if they want wearing Lime Crime cosmetics. The company also thinks enough of their clients to have a live chat for immediate assistance to anyone that needs it.


Everyone likes a success story and Doe Deere has an interesting one and a successful company backed by her creative vision that she had at the right time. Perusing the Lime Crime website and blog is like stepping into a candy store, exciting, thrilling, beautiful and fun.

Helane Morrison Is Restoring Ethics And Dignity To The Corporate World.

If there is some who understands and respects the importance of ethics and rules its Helane L. Morrison. She is a great woman who has been able to inspire a lot of other women, especially in the corporate industry. She is the current managing director and chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also a general counsel and a member of the executive committee of the same firm. Helane Morrison joined this firm in 2007, from the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) where she was also the head. She had held this position since 1999 to 2007.


She has also worked as the District Administrator and Regional Director respectively. In this positions, she was tasked with securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters for the area around Northern California and five Northwest States. Between the year 1996 and 1999, Helane Morrison served as the head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office and her duties covered legal, business, and financial issues of the organization. She had worked for other government agencies and media channels as well. She also spent some of his career life in law practice at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in San Francisco between 1986 and 1996. She was later promoted to a partner in 1991. Her law career was majorly based on business litigation, private securities, and SEC matters.


Along her career path, she became determined to remove the bad practices from the corporate industry. She single-handedly conducted internal corporate investigations to nub culprits responsible for corrupt dealings in the industry. She was able to expose thousands of forged transactions and underhand dealings in the industry. Corruption was her biggest enemy in her move to restore public confidence in the corporate industry. As she fought harder against corruption, she became famous and more, and more people supported her. Within no time, she had unparalleled public support rallying her.


During most of the global economic crisis that has occurred, she has managed to expose many rogue businesspeople. Through her efforts, she has been able to prevent millions of investors from being conned of their money by this rogue investors. For over the 30 years that she has worked in various sectors of the economy she has been fighting corruption. According to her, her journey to clean up the corporate industry is just beginning, and she won’t stop till she succeeds.





Doe Deere Dominates the Beauty Industry With Her Unicorn Derived Makeup

Doe Deere
There is something special about someone who nurtures their inner abilities, and Doe Deere has nurtured hers time and time again. Known as the owner of Lime Crime. Doe Deere is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

She has come from a long line of entrepreneurial ideas, and continues to build a successful makeup business that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Starting out as a musician, Deere molded her marketing skills and learned how to push her ideas across the board. Although she wasn’t as successful as she would have liked to be when it came to music, she was redirected and hurled into the makeup business. Spending 14 years in New York offered her a playground where she was able to learn, and thrive, preparing her for Lime Crime.

Creating Lime Crime came from the idea that she was apart of a universe like everyone else. And with that, she decided to embrace the strong feelings she had towards the world. She found herself sharing common feelings with others, which is why she decided to build her own brand. This brand wasn’t just developed with her in mind, but women who wanted to move away from the “natural” makeup look.

Lime Crime is built on “bright ideas”. Doe Deere has always been known to gravitate towards bright colors. Never really finding interest in the natural look, she was unable to find the colors that peeked her interest the most, so she began creating and blending the colors herself.

Making her own bright makeup caused other girls to purchase, making her makeup business skyrocket. Doe Deere realized just how popular her company could be, and begin taking advantage of her marketing skills to help push her brand.

With thousands of different makeup companies floating around, it’s hard to find one that women can relate to. Lime Crime sets up a different aura by putting a face to the name. Doe Deere represents her company to the fullest. She believes that makeup gives you freedom. It allows you to be yourself.

It helps women to express themselves in more ways than one. With her background in fashion, Doe Deere understands the importance of expressing yourself. Being able to show the world just who you are without fear of judgement is important.

People express themselves by what they put on their body, and on their face. Your appearance says a thousand words without making a sound. Lime Crime offers women a sanctuary. A place where they can find their best self.

Lime Crime focuses on Lips, and eye colors that pop and are full of color. All items are animal and cruelty free, which is an outstanding aspect of Lime Crime. Of course this isn’t surprising due to her love for unicorns.

It’s amazing to see such an independent thinker who decided to fill a void for women who needed a little more vibrancy in their life. Doe Deere’s love and appreciation for diversity is what helps her makeup business stay as successful as it currently is.

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The DIY Investor

Malini Saba is one of the worlds most respected and successful investors and philanthropists. She is an investor to several organizations with goals ranging from empowering women to real estate. She is also the Chairman of Saban, a company that she founded which retains investment interest for companies worldwide. In 2001 Malini founded “Stree: Global Investments in Women“. This non-profit organization is geared toward restructuring and rebuilding the self esteem of low income and at-risk women and children around the world. “Stree” not only aims at helping improve the attitude of women toward themselves, but also provides assistance with obtaining healthcare and legal assistance. In June of 2005 The South Asian philanthropist made a $1 million donation toward the first Heart Research Hospital for people of her origin. Malini says the inspiration behind Seban came from her desire to invest in other companies and being unable to get into a VC group, undeterred by this she created her own company that retains varied investments.

Malini Saba was born and raised in Perth Australia. After finishing high school, she earned her degree in Psychology. Though she loved her home and family, the opportunities overseas caught her attention and she soon found herself on a flight to San Francisco, California. Malini has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has made investments in more than twenty businesses outside of her own. She welcomes and embraces both challenge and change, and says that the idea of being CEO is what was most appealing to her. She can be considered an optimist and says that she often enjoys the task of getting through the tough times, because she knows that the only way to look from the bottom, is up. She is a true inspiration to both women and individuals of ethnic origin. Malini has shown that dedication and and determination lay the foundation for a successful business, and that neither gender or ethnicity should ever be allowed to hold you back.