Chris Burch is Proving his Versatility.

With everything’s he’s accomplished in his career it would be hard to argue against Chris Burch being a fashion mogul. He is probably most known for founding his company Burch Creative Capital. He serves as CEO of the company as well. It would be rather accurate to classify him as a serial entrepreneur as he has founded several highly successful retail brands.

No matter the endeavor his entrepreneurial values never waiver. He makes sure to remain true to his vision for new market opportunities among other things. For example Burch Creative Capital’s investment philosophy is an expression of his business values. Read and know the company better, click on

Burch has been involved with the success of so many companies over the course of his career he’s forgotten more than many other entrepreneurs ever accomplish. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been an investor and entrepreneur for over four decades. He has a long track record of creating success through strong investments.  Check for further reading.

Chris Burch is finally ready to show off his versatility by showcasing his entrepreneurial eye in a new industry. Burch is prepared to try his hand at hospitality. Though his decision came as a bit of a surprise to those in the know one things for sure is that he is going to give it his all. In 2012 he bought a beach hostel on the Indonesian island of Sumba. He and hotelier James McBride spent $30 million over the course of three years to make the hostel match their vision. Once the process was finished the businessmen reopened the hostel as a respectable resort called Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu quickly made an impact in the industry. In just a year after it was established it had become one of the leading hotels in the world.   Keep up-to-date with his latest cool offering to the market, head over to

Read his entrepreneurial views on business related matters, browse on this.

Nihiwatu has surpassed all expectations, including those set by Burch. He bought the property as something good for the community.  More about this awesome investment on

Take a tour to an entrepreneur’s getaway, hit on

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