Chris Burch Uses His Entrepreneural Experience To Help Others

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of the private investment company Burch Creative Capital based out of New York. Burch has an entrepreneur and investor using a combination of creative skills and financial practices designed to support scaling of businesses for forty years. He has help over fifty companies to rise. Chris Burch is enthusiastic about gift giving year round and shares ideas that reflect his character and style.   Additional article on

Chris Burch gives people things that they would not buy themselves and the ideas come from things he notices during his travels. He tries to make the gifts unique to the person and has come up with a list to help his readers. His company is based on his belief that creativity is the key to investing successfully. Burch uses his passion, insights and creativity to create value for companies. The company resulted from his desire to use the resources and knowledge he possesses to help entrepreneurs make thier ideas a reality. Burch Creative Capital gives funding to ideas in an effort to bring possibilities to people. Have a better insight of his company’s investment portfolio, check on

Chris Burch’s company is supporting growth for a range of products. During 2012 Nihi Sumba Island was acquired and now it is a luxury resort that takes fifty minutes to reach by airplane from Bali as a part of a joint venture with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark to redevelop land that was not being used to its full potential. July of 2014 he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to launch the ED brand and the launching of Cocoon9 was the same year.

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Burch is currently supporting a number of lifestyle brands and consumer products that cover a wide varitye in the marketplace. He served as Pierre Hotel Co-op Board’s former president and as a member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation board. He has funded philanthropic initiatives and research for a hospitals and organizations.  More about him on

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