Chris Burch’s Insights Concerning Creative Productivity

Chris Burch has been American Express Co. client since 1979. This year, Chris Burch switched most of his spending from the corporation to J.P Morgan Chase & Co. Chris Burch’s reputation as the wealthiest individual in the United States manipulated his decision. As such, American Express has a huge role to perform to regain executives like Chris in their organization. According to Stephen Squeri, the CEO and Chairman of AmEx, his determination to build the organization’s momentum will oversee its success and gain of stability in the coming years.

Chris Burch is the pioneer of the Burch Creative Capital. Additionally, Chris is recognized for his investment strategies in a variety of business ventures spanning from large industries to startup organizations. One of the most significant companies associated with Mr. Burch is the luxury fashion brand that he contributed to as a co-establisher. His passion directed towards enhancing branding has placed him at the top of his segment. Chris Burch is not only talented in branding but also in sales and marketing. Recently, Chris Burch diverted his motives and amassed himself into the financial services segment, technology as well as consumer products. His exclusivity is attached to his more than forty years of exposure. Throughout his profession, Chris Burch has contributed to the rising of at least 50 enterprises. He achieved this through the understanding of consumer behavior and direct sourcing exposure.  To read more articles about the diversity of his business investments, head over to

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Chris Burch not only yearns for his achievement but also for the multiple successes of others. Recently, Chris Burch published a detailed article concerning tips for creative productivity. In his opinion, time allocated to brainstorming is significant in the creation of ideas that stand out. The next augmentation phase encourages teamwork. According to Chris Burch, the concept of creating ideas extends from the straightforward exchanging of the thoughts.  Read more of his views on business related article on

Chris Burch thus postulates the significance of working together for the creation of a developed strategy regarding the concept. The final step provided entailed taking down notes when producing. Mr. Burch postulates that more often ideas come across people’s minds during production. As such, it is relevant to write them down for future reference.  Additional article to read here.

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