David Giertz Explains The Importance Of Social Security

Financial expert David Giertz is often asked by the media to talk about subjects such as retirement. One appearance he made was for the Wall Street Journal where he was intervieweds by the columnist and Wealth Adviser Veronica Dagher. He said in this interview that far too many advisers in the industry avoid talking about social security with their clients. He explained why this is such a big mistake.

The company he was working for at the time had commissioned a study that was focused on social security and what people wanted from their financial advisers. The majority said they needed help figuring out when to take this benefit and in what manner. Many of these people said that they were more than willing to take their assets to a different adviser if their current one wouldn’t help them with this critical decision.

As David Giertz has said, pensions are by and large a thing of the past. This means that people in retirement need to rely on their financial portfolios, if any, and social security. Unfortunately, many people make the choice to start taking social security as soon as they are eligible. This means people can be leaving as much as $300,000 on the table if they had waited.

David has been in the financial industry since 1986. He has worked as a financial adviser himself for many of those years. He has worked for Citicorp as well as Nationwide Financial. In addition to being a financial adviser he has been a top executive, such as at Nationwide Financial where he was a president. His responsibility in this position was to develop strategies in regards to retirement plans, mutual funds, annuities, and life insurance that was then sold through third parties.

Over the years David Giertz has served on the board of a variety of community organizations. Among these is Millikin University, his alma mater, where he held the position of chair of their board of trustees. He was on this board for nine years during which time he was on their budget and finance committee. Additionally, FINRA has appointed him as an industry arbitrator.

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