Doe Deere Dominates the Beauty Industry With Her Unicorn Derived Makeup

Doe Deere
There is something special about someone who nurtures their inner abilities, and Doe Deere has nurtured hers time and time again. Known as the owner of Lime Crime. Doe Deere is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

She has come from a long line of entrepreneurial ideas, and continues to build a successful makeup business that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Starting out as a musician, Deere molded her marketing skills and learned how to push her ideas across the board. Although she wasn’t as successful as she would have liked to be when it came to music, she was redirected and hurled into the makeup business. Spending 14 years in New York offered her a playground where she was able to learn, and thrive, preparing her for Lime Crime.

Creating Lime Crime came from the idea that she was apart of a universe like everyone else. And with that, she decided to embrace the strong feelings she had towards the world. She found herself sharing common feelings with others, which is why she decided to build her own brand. This brand wasn’t just developed with her in mind, but women who wanted to move away from the “natural” makeup look.

Lime Crime is built on “bright ideas”. Doe Deere has always been known to gravitate towards bright colors. Never really finding interest in the natural look, she was unable to find the colors that peeked her interest the most, so she began creating and blending the colors herself.

Making her own bright makeup caused other girls to purchase, making her makeup business skyrocket. Doe Deere realized just how popular her company could be, and begin taking advantage of her marketing skills to help push her brand.

With thousands of different makeup companies floating around, it’s hard to find one that women can relate to. Lime Crime sets up a different aura by putting a face to the name. Doe Deere represents her company to the fullest. She believes that makeup gives you freedom. It allows you to be yourself.

It helps women to express themselves in more ways than one. With her background in fashion, Doe Deere understands the importance of expressing yourself. Being able to show the world just who you are without fear of judgement is important.

People express themselves by what they put on their body, and on their face. Your appearance says a thousand words without making a sound. Lime Crime offers women a sanctuary. A place where they can find their best self.

Lime Crime focuses on Lips, and eye colors that pop and are full of color. All items are animal and cruelty free, which is an outstanding aspect of Lime Crime. Of course this isn’t surprising due to her love for unicorns.

It’s amazing to see such an independent thinker who decided to fill a void for women who needed a little more vibrancy in their life. Doe Deere’s love and appreciation for diversity is what helps her makeup business stay as successful as it currently is.

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