Dr. Mark Holterman: Paving the way to the future of Medicine

When we hear the term “Advancements in medicine”, we probably don’t exactly think about what that means. Medical technology does not just happen, someone has to explore it. Someone has to discover, plan, research, and work for the next advancement. Dr. Mark Holterman plans to be that someone. Along with colleagues, Dr. Mark Holterman founded companies through Miriam Global Health Fund. This realizes his goal of advancing medicine through regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well-respected Pediatric Surgeon, who practices in Illinois. His 40 years in medicine has earned him much experience, and many awards year after year as one of Americas Top Doctors. On the brink of exciting breakthroughs in biotechnology, Dr. Mark Holterman has particular interest in cell regeneration, and stem cell therapy. Studies have shown significant improvements in post-surgery procedures using these methods.

The term “stem cell” sometimes scares people away, however this is not embryonic stem cells, so therefore it could not be unethical. If researchers can successfully generate human tissue, the possibilities are endless.

Born on a farm in Wisconsin, Dr. Mark Holterman worked and earned his respect righteously. After many years in school, he never missed an opportunity to learn, stating, “I think it’s important to swallow your pride and ask for advice.” The first and last advice he seeks is in prayer every morning before starting his day, and every night before tucking into bed.

Dr. Mark Holterman is currently a Professor of Pediatrics and surgery, and practicing Pediatric Surgeon. With his Bachelor’s degree from Yale, M.D. and PhD at the University of Virginia, focusing on medicine and immunology. At the same time, Dr. Mark Holterman was starting a family, proudly fathering two boys with his devoted wife.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well revered doctor in his community of Warrenville, Illinois, being a favorite among patients. With his compassionate bedside manner, his ability to communicate well with patients, and decades of experience, his patients love him.

Some of his positions include: Former Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Pediatric Surgery, professor of Pediatric surgery, Instructor as chief surgeon, CEO of Miriam Global Health(http://markjholterman.strikingly.com/).


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