Edwin Miranda Is A Passionate Marketing Expert Who Helps Companies Succeed

Edwin Miranda is the chief executive officer and founder of KOI IXS, which is a marketing agency that offers performance-based results. His company works with brands from all over the world to help them engage their customers and pick up new customers. Miranda feels blessed to be able to guide his team of designers marketing strategists so they can help companies who need their help the most.

Edwin Miranda likes starting most of his working days by getting up early. He then checks in with clients and reads a bit of the news to see what the day might bring. After this, he likes to get a quick workout in and will eat light breakfast. On most mornings, he will do his best to spend some time with his kids and wife and will also take his kids to school when he has time. Miranda also holds a meeting at 7:30 am everyday.

Edwin Miranda started up KOI when he was just 21 years old. The company continues to exist as KOI IXS, and he believes that he has been able to be such a success due to his ability to hone his passion. He feels that a venture must be led by someone with passion for it in order to be successful.

Edwin Miranda has found a way to accomplish many of the things he wants in life. He makes many different to-do lists every morning and afternoon and checks in with them to do see how he is doing from time to time. He makes lists for his short-term goals and other lists for his medium and long term goals. He also includes the resources or people he will need to get them done. He goes over these lists quite often, and this has helped to direct his attention in order to find success.

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