End Citizen United SupportingConor Lamb to Oust Republican Rick Saccone

The United States election has become a topic of global discussion after the last Presidential election that became more controversial than ever before. The election of Donald Trump as the President of the country may have seemed unfathomable for many, but it became a reality, and how. Many controversies surrounded the election from the very beginning of the election campaigns itself of both the Republican as well as the Democrat side. One of the sub-topics of discussion when it comes to elections is the way these elections were and are funded. The Supreme Court of the country has made it clear in 2010 that the corporations and individuals can spend as much as they want on elections to favor their choice of candidate.

It is not something that is appreciated widely by the nationalists who feel that the flow of unlimited money into the election would make the entire process vulnerable. End Citizen United is a national liberal political action committee that was formed in the year 2015 to overhaul the campaign finance rules and make the election funding process more transparent. End Citizens United believes that there should be some cap or restrictions on the way the elections are funded so that the political candidates are not buried under the financial pressure of the corporations who spend millions of dollars on elections presently. It makes it evidently clear that the political candidates have to favor the companies and the reform and policies they back, once elected.

In the United States, special elections are coming soon and one of the candidates from the Democratic Party, namely Conor Lamb, is being backed by End Citizens United. The reason behind his endorsement is the transparency he has maintained through his campaign and the reform policies he has suggested for the region, which is otherwise GOP dominated, is very progressive. Recently, Conor Lamb went to a town near Pittsburgh to address the locals in the area. He came across many veterans and residents who said that they are fully supporting him. The outpour of support for the democratic party has become a cause of concern for Donald Trump and the Republican Party as such colossal support and welcome for the Democratic candidate has never been seen before in the past decade.

End Citizen United would be funding the election campaign of Conor Lamb, but it is yet not clear as to how much the PAC would be spending on the election. EUC collects money from the common people and doesn’t accept large-scale donations from corporations to remain independent and act freely for the benefit of the country. The EUC is dedicated to supporting the reforms and policies that would help the nation positively.

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