Freedom Checks For Retirement?

For many individuals, a good retirement plan consists of well-saved money that we think may cover our day to day needs. According to Forbes, a lot of people give little or no thought to their future retirement plans. Forbes goes on to further define a good retirement plan as a source of comfortable income that will last the whole period after your retirement.

It is, therefore, crucial to check on aspects such as your lifestyle and expectancy when deciding on your retirement plan. When planned recklessly, the cash flow could run out and give you a miserable retirement.

Freedom checks are a tremendous tax free investment opportunity that may go a long way in helping you supplement your retirement plans. Unlike common scams and schemes, these are legit and recognized legally.

They are defined by federal law 26-F which allows various US energy-related businesses to remunerate generous ‘Freedom Checks’ to their investors every quarter. The same statute provides and shields companies from federal taxations, which directly translates to enormous profits for these companies.

Freedom Checks are also a low risk investment plan since Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s-companies established by having 90 percent of resources in the US alone) grow slowly and they have a sure and steady income. MLP’s have a return of investment of about 4% on the lowest side and 10% on the highest hand. For 2018, the amount was a reasonable $34.6 billion expected to be paid out in 2019.

Although oil and gas prices fluctuate, MLP’s are not by extension affected. This is because they are mostly paid for providing transportation which is a continually increasing amount.

This has a long-term benefit of high yields especially with the exemption from taxes. Furthermore, when you want to sell your Freedom Checks, they are taxed with a low capital gains rate rather than the higher personal income ratio.

Investing in MLP’s is just like purchasing ordinary shares. Purchasing shares of around $2000 could give you a Return on Investment of approximately $796,000 according to Matt Badiali a former geologist and a current specialist in this field.

What’s better; these checks are not paid once, and neither twice, but every quarter. This could be a lifetime sure solution for those willing to have a laid out retirement plan!

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