FreedomPop Guide

FreedomPop is a new mobile service carrier that has a wildly different style compared to most other wireless carriers. Instead of charging for a prepaid amount they allow their customers to start with a basic plan that costs absolutely nothing. If customers want to move their plan up they simply pay for what they use- no more. FreedomPop has even initiated some changes in the way the vast majority of telecom providers do business. Right now I will go over some of the ways FreedomPop is changing wireless, how you can get involved with FreedomPop and where you can find service.
What is the difference between FreedomPop and it’s competitors?
Two words can be used to describe what makes FreedomPop different: free plans. While many cell phone providers offer low cost plans none have tried to use free plans. The way FreedomPop is able to do this is the fact that their free plans have a low limit of texts, cell phone minutes and limited data plans as well. While these plans may be great for people who are on a budget or who cannot afford phone service any medium to heavy users are probably going to want to upgrade. For these individuals FreedomPop has a number of higher tiered plans that can be taken advantage of. These plans actually allow you to use as many minutes or texts as you use as well as having cheaper or unlimited data depending on the plan.
What areas does FreedomPop offer service?
FreedomPop is available in most places in the United States. They use many mobile network towers that are leased to them by larger companies so they have a pretty steady presence in most places. If you live in a big city or the suburbs you can be almost guaranteed that they will be able to provide you service. Even people in many rural areas have access to FreedomPop- it just depends on if they have reached you yet. The company is building many more towers and signing many agreements with different companies to provide cell service so even if they do not service your area it may happen soon. Check out to see if they are available in your local area.
What is the procedure for signing up for FreedomPop?
FreedomPop is able to offer such cheap and low price services by reducing overhead. That is why you probably have not seen a FreedomPop commercial or other form of advertising. Another way they reduce overhead is to not operate physical brick and mortar stores. If you want to sign up with FreedomPop you are going to have to use their website. In order to join up with them you need a FreedomPop branded phone. Phones from other networks will not work so you have to order it through them or find a recently used FreedomPop phone online. After you have the FreedomPop capable device you need to chose a plan. Like we mentioned earlier people who are lighter users will be happy on the free plan but for most people a low to medium cost plan is probably better. They have tiered pricing so you only pay for the information that you use.
FreedomPop is a great way to grab a phone and phone service for a very low monthly price.

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