Greg Secker Success Story as a Great Financial Trader

Greg Secker is a known entrepreneur, author, international speaker and a great philanthropist. He has been knowing for his expertise in doing business and has also been respected for who he is. He happens to be the founder and the owner of Smart charts Software, learn to Trade and also the famous Capital Index. All these companies have been used in his mission of changing the lives of his clients towards becoming great forex traders. He has been on the frontline working for his company’s success. Learn to Trade is the Europe’s largest forex training company which he has used to change the lives of 200,000 people. He also happens to be the founder of the famous Greg Secker Foundation, a very famous not-for-profit making organization. The company is always committed to changing the lives of people across the globe and also improving their welfare.

Greg Secker was brought up from a very humble beginning. He attended public schools and later after performing well, he joined the famous Nottingham University where he pursued a bachelor in food science. During his time at the institution, he used to be very creative and had a business of selling computers to his fellow students. He also had the great passion for them and used to have to code. He trained himself while still in school and later became an expert in the field.

Greg Secker, after the school, decided to abandon his food science career. He was employed to help Thomas Cook Financial Services design a trading platform. It was the first foreign currency platform that has ever been designed. He later progressed on very well and became the V. president of Mellon Financial Corporation. The company helped him get an opportunity to travel and interact with successful forex traders. He performed very well and even started to manage his own trading account. He later at 27 moved on to starting trading independently at his own company. He started from his own living room and accumulated a lot of profits in the process. That is when he decided to change the lives of several people and in the process became a very successful forex trainer.

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