Houston Based Real Estate Professional Haidar Barbouti

The Texan city of Houston has long attracted those who love the freedome to open a business and the chance to be part of a thriving community. Texans welcome people to their state who love to be engaged in business and want to help the region at the same time. This part of the United States has also been a magnet for people who are passionate about serving the needs of clients and love a region where mild winters make the outdoors a pleasant place to be for much of the year. Opening up a business here or reworking an existing business has long been part of the Texan dream.

One of those who have heartily embraced such dreams is Houston based businessman Haidar Barbouti. Mr. Barbouti is a graduate of New York City’s Columbia University. He has spent years working in the field of real estate management in the Houston region. In this time, he has learned how best to help clients and shopper meet in commercial spaces. He has also learned how to work with community planners, workers seeking a retail job, businessowners looking for retail space and those who are in search of many opportunities of all kinds to fully connect effective.

Mr. Barbouti’s primary focus has been on the redevelopment and management of the Highland Village Shopping Center. The center is one of the nation’s oldest shopping center, dating from the 1940’s. Since that time, the center has grown and expanded into a highly effective retail destination that many people living in the entire area find ideal for any purchsing needs they may have. Mr. Barbouti has helped this fifteen acre site work to better serve the needs of all those who live in the surrounding area as well as casual visitors looking to escape the Texas heat and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Under the careful leadership of Barbouti, the shopping center has been able to attract customers who appreciate the stores he has brought here. Many have flourished in this retail space with his careful assistance and outreach efforts as well as his ability to figure out how best to draw in new customers. For over two decades, Barbouti has been working hard to help the stores make the most of their customers and bring in the best possible rate of return on their investment in space in the Highland Village Shopping Center.

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