How Chris Burch became so wealthy and powerful

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and has a different business framework in a broad range of industries including technology, fashion and real estate. He is the establishing figure and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The Company’s investment philosophy is a reflection of Burch’s entrepreneurial skills, values and his desire to explore new market opportunities, utmost inventiveness, application of imagination,evolution, support and scale which has resulted to distributive brands and businesses that have a one on one, positive and durable impacts on the lives of the consumers.  More to read here.

Burch Creative Capital now boasts of an exciting brand portfolio which has developed and supported various habits and consumer products brands varying from merchandising, costumes and home furnishings to the entertainment, organic foodstuffs and technological industries such as Bauble bar, Blink Health, Chubbies and Little Duck Organics among others.  Additional article on

Chris has been a loyal user of American express ltd cards until this year when he swapped all his spending to J.P Morgan Chase and Co’s Sapphire Reserve Card .AmEx chairman and chief executive Stephen Squeri has had a difficult challenge trying to regain Chris as new customer. AmEx continues to handle increasing competition from banks and other nimble fintech firms such as PayPal holdings Inc., and the Silicon Valley payments company whose market value eclipsed that of AmEx. The company issues cards to consumers and businesses.

Mr. Burch recalls that AmEx brand was not in a position to get him tables at several NYC restaurants and the hotel upgrades became impossible. Despite of AmEx improving its earnings this year, the shareholders are still uncertain and afraid of future credit losses which may befall the company. It would only be prudent for such investors to seek wise counsel from moguls such as Chris Burch to avoid possible collapse.  For his views on business related matters, check on

AmEx has lost numerous co-branded cards such as Costco Wholesale Corporation and JetBlue Airways Corporation since 2015. Costco turned out to be a big loss for AmEx but the company has continued to increase its earnings in order to recover that. The Company is focused on innovating and rebuilding itself to achieve more and recover its previous losses.

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