How ClassDojo Helps Connect Teachers, Parents And Students

Classrooms can be a challenging place for teachers, students and parents to stay connected. Now, one innovative company has created the ultimate platform to help keep everyone connected in the classroom. That company, ClassDojo, is leading the fastgrowing TechEd movement.

So what exactly is ClassDojo? This is an exciting new platform that is rapidly becoming the communication platform of choice for classrooms across America. The platform is essentially an app that allows teachers to better communicate everything from classroom assignments to step-by-step instructions to each student. The teacher is also able to quickly communicate with parents with the platform.

In addition to being a communication platform, ClassDojo is also a great way for students to express themselves. Students can upload videos, artwork or anything else that they wish to share with teachers and other students.

So how popular is ClassDojo? Well, very popular. The app is now in 2 out of every 3 Kindergarten through the eighth-grade classroom in America. Additionally, ClassDojo is used in over 90% of all Kindergarten through eighth-grade school districts in America as well. The easy to use the platform and sheer amount of useful applications have made Classdojo one of the most popular TechEd platforms in America.

The secret to ClassDojo’s success lies in the fact that the company worked closely with schools during the development stage. Classdojo Cofounder Sam Chaudhary personally worked with teachers, students, and parents during every stage of the development process. The result is an application that was designed more by the actual people and children who use it rather than simply software engineers.

Classrooms are one of the most important places for a child during their formative learning stage. This is the place where children learn, foster social relationships and get a better understanding of their own creativity. By creating a more social environment in the classroom, students can better share their ideas with their fellow students, parents, and teachers. ClassDojo is dedicated to making every classroom a welcome and open environment for every student.

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