How Doe Deere is Rewriting the Story of Beauty Industry in the USA

The world of beauty and fashion products is arguably one of the most competitive industries in the world. This competitiveness is mainly due to many factors but the presence of ever-changing trends is a major contributor to a complex industry. It is, however, important to credit some brands such as Lime Crime for making major strides and making the industry more vibrant and home to some of the best products such as Poppyangeloff. The story of this impressive company, however, draws a lot in terms of structure from its founder. Doe Deere has challenged the status quo of this fast-growing industry. Nevertheless, her story, both to the USA and in the beauty industry is arguably the best illustration of determination and clear vision.

When she was a small girl in Russia, she admired different things about USA vibrant fashion industry. Doe Deere points out that she followed the USA fashion scene. These updates helped her to form her opinions on fashion and later deciding to move to the USA. She points out that the USA has always given her a platform to express herself through the products; her and her company has been able to design and produce some of the best beauty products in the last one decade. The journey of defiling all odds as an immigrant, to Doe Deere is one of her highest moments as a designer and an investor.

Just like many stories involving immigrants in the USA, Doe Deere points out that she had her share of the culture shock. She confesses that to some point, her vision of being one of the major contributors to the beauty industry looked seemed to her. The dream of making a change and injecting a new way to design beauty products was, however, alive in her.

In just one decade, Lime Crime has been home to the best innovation in the world of beauty, and the founder points out that this is just the beginning. Her love for good products has been the main reasons Doe Deere invest large amounts of money and time in research the consumer trends.

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