New Residential Investment Corp, Tthe Best Real Estate Investor

New Residential Investment Corp is an investment fund which mainly focuses on investing and managing real estate and any other business related to it. The fund was founded in 2011 with and it has its bases in New York City, New York state. The company is among the highly popular investment funds which deal with real estate investments in the United States. New Residential Investment Corp is advised and managed externally by the affiliates of Fortress Investment Fund LLC which is among the top investment companies in the country.

The Chairman of the company is Mr. Michael Nierenberg, a highly prolific investment officer in the country who has worked in many top organizations in the nation. He also doubles as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is responsible for all growth and development aspects of the investment firm as well as its prosperity. The trust operates through servicing related assets among investors, through residential securities and loans, consumer and corporate loans and servicer advances.

New Residential Investment Corp also invests in residential mortgage loans, mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) as well as real estate securities. The firm too invests in essential components related to MSRs, unsecured and homeowner loans, residential mortgage loans as well as the portfolio of consumer loans.

The trust does not divide 90 % of its taxable to the stakeholders; hence it qualifies to be a real estate investment fund. New Residential Investment Corp is excellent if you want to invest in real estate.

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