NexBank Executive Attends Banking Conference

In 2016, the CEO and President of NexBank John Holt attended an annual event to discuss contemporary banking issues. He attended the Texas Bankers Association meeting and served as one of the top panelists. During the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, Holt looked to participate in finding ways to improve the commercial and community banking industry. He looked to help a number of other banking executives find ways to improve services as well as expand operations in the industry. Holt would also look to help find ways to create more innovation which will make valuable improvements for NexBank and other financial institutions throughout the nation.


Every year, the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is held for banking executives to address a number of key issues in the industry. A number of consultants, advisers and bank leaders gather to talk about challenges that the industry is facing and how to devise strategies to address them. During the event, all of these professionals spend time talking about strategies and programs that can help financial institutions become more customer friendly as well as more accommodating to institutional clients as well. The event is also held to help look for ways to expand as well as complete mergers and acquisitions.


NexBank is one of the leading community commercial banks in Texas. While it is located in this state, it has been involved in a number of activities that have helped it expand nationwide. Over the years, the bank has acquired financial institutions to offer college savings plans for some of its customers. Like all other commercial banks, NexBank offers a number of services that help it meet the needs of customers. This financial institution offers commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. All of these services have helped a number of clients complete valuable tasks such as investing, saving funds, making deposits and getting home and car loans.

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