Nihiwatu And Chris Burch

Indonesia is one of the most densely-populated nations on the planet. It’s also home to the island of Sumba, itself home to Nihiwatu, a luxury hotel and resort that’s been on the island for several decades.

Chris Burch helped purchase and renovate the resort in 2012. Such effort and capital have led Nihiwatu to become known as one of the most sought-after hotels to relax at around the world.

Travel + Leisure, a magazine related to hotels and recreation, named Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world two years straight. This is largely due to the thirty-plus million United States Dollars Chris Burch has poured into the fine establishment.

Nihiwatu is a relatively small resort, with only 32 villas throughout its 50-odd-acre campus. The island of Sumba, however, is quite roomy, with 560 acres to spare, of which Nihiwatu takes up only one-tenth the space.

Nihiwatu, thanks to Chris Burch and other business partners, have consistently given back to the island’s locals since Burch and company took over in 2012. One such good cause is the Sumba Foundation, in which Burch, Sean Downs – another United States businessman – and others team up to provide the island with $500,000 each and every year, a plan that’s set to continue for years to come.  Read more about his resort investment in this link on

Chris Burch launched his career in the business marketplace in 1976, while studying as an undergraduate at Ithaca College, in New York state. With his older brother Bob, the Burch brothers siphoned $2,000 from their personal accounts to Eagle’s Eye apparel, sold several years later for $165 million.  Refer to for a related article.

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Mr. Burch has been involved in several real estate investment opportunities, many more outside of the one mentioned above in Indonesia. He’s no stranger to luxury residences in Palm Beach, the Hamptons, and Nantucket, just to name a few destinations.  Check for more reading.   Burch has also been on board with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark, two well-known names in the world of hotels, to create the Faena Hotel + Universe.  Burch has even worked alongside Ellen Degeneres in bringing ED, a popular lifestyle brand, to life. All considered, Chris Burch has partnered with over 50 companies throughout his lengthy career.  For an overview of his diversified portfolio, head over to this important link,

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