OSI Group and Enormous Changes

OSI Group has the distinction of being among the globe’s biggest food suppliers. It has a staff that consists of 20,000 workers in total. These professionals work in 65 different centers presently. They span a whopping 17 different nations around the planet as well. The company has relatively modest origins. Although it started out as a rather small operation, it currently is a celebrated corporate entity and powerhouse. OSI Group’s background has a lot to do with immigrants who are located in the United States. Otto Kolschowsky resided in Chicago, Illinois in a German neighborhood decades and decades ago. The Windy City was the location of many people with German cultural backgrounds then. It was a serious industrial hub. It was also a place for fresh immigrants who had just departed from their home nations far away and more

Kolschowsky launched a tiny meat store in the Oak Park section of Chicago back in 1909. This neighborhood was situated on the city’s west side. This was merely a couple of years after he arrived on American shores in the first place. His aim in establishing this store was to accommodate the people who lived in his neighborhood. The business soared. It didn’t take long for it to grow substantially. This encouraged Kolschowsky to put his concentration on the wholesale realm. That’s the reason he relocated to a totally different neighborhood in this city. This one was known as Maywood. Kolschowsky changed the name of the business to Otto & Sons. He did this back in 1928. Otto & Sons was the picture of glory for a while. It essentially epitomized businesses that did well but that didn’t take over the planet in full.

Otto & Sons grew into something totally different with the passing of time. It grew into the highly praised OSI Group. It took a lot of time and effort to make this major adjustment take place. Its name was tweaked yet again in the middle of the seventies in 1975. This time it was called OSI Group. Although the company had been functioning for three quarters of a century, it realized that it was ready then for something a lot bigger. That thing was the planet.

OSI Group presently is among the planet’s most important and irreplaceable suppliers of food products of all types. It has ties with many nations everywhere as well. These include Poland, Brazil and Mexico.

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