Peter Briger, The Outstanding Leader of Fortress Investment

Peter Briger is known as one of the leading business experts globally. Actually, he appears among the top four hundred business professionals in Forbes list. According to 2008 Forbes’ statistics, he occupied the nine hundred and sixty-two position in the world’s Billionaires’ list. He has acquired much of his wealth through working with numerous brands across the globe. Right now, Peter is the President and Co-Chairman of Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group.Initially, the business professional had worked for fifteen years as a partner at Goldman Sachs & Company before joining Forbes. Peter went to Princeton University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Later on, he joined Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he was also awarded a Master’s degree in Business Administration. His professional journey started soon after college when he joined Goldman Sachs.

While working in the firm, he was entrusted a lot of roles. Peter Briger was in charge of both multiple disciplines, ranging from management to administrative duties like trading in loans, debt financing, real estate and financial investments. These tasks provided him with remarkable experience in investment banking which later led to his appointment as the Co-Chief Executive Officer in Fortress Investment.Peter played a key role in the growth of Fortress Group. He listed the company’s shares in the stock exchange. As an alternative investment firm, the company managed to be the first one to go public. Consequently, it earned a good position in the investment industry for handling private and institutional investors. Due to his excellent management skills, the firm is currently running assets that are worth over sixty-five billion dollars. Peter is acknowledged as a savior of countless companies. He has assisted them raise capital during financial crisis.

Worldwide, Peter Briger is known for his expertise in changing debt capital into liquid cash.In 2013, Fortress Investment group planned for a meeting in New York. A couple of executives from top rated banks were invited to talk over Bitcoin technology. The project, named as ‘first regulated Bitcoin exchange’, was to be discussed and Peter Briger was given the platform to air his opinion on the same. The business expert encouraged Wells Fargo to consider maintaining Bitcoin technology. In the meeting, they agreed to launch a public exchange at the Wall Street. Unfortunately, the idea did not push through because Bitcoin did not pick up due to many problems that arose thereafter. Despite the go slow, the two companies are still convinced that their Bitcoin exchange project will reached Wall Street in the future.

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