PSI Payments; Product offers

PSI is a large company based in the UK, that started operating in 2007. In 2011 PSI obtained a Electronic Money Institution license and are not authorized and regulated to issue to money. PSI is also a member of Mastercard, and since 2009,can issue debit, pre-paid, virtual and Paypass programs. PSI is involved in sales, marketing and distribution. PSI pay offers a large range of commercial needs as well as corporate needs. Reporting, approvals and settlements are managed through PSI and can be adjusted based on the needs of the client.


Program managers can be assured that they will receive optimal and high quality business through PSI. Clients receive an exclusive safe guarded account, with no pooling of funds. In account to that, the client will be able to easily report and reconcile all activity related. PSI Pay assures the client they will have complete transparency, or complete visibility that is always in the clients request. PSI Pay offers their clients the option to choose their own processing partners, with out commercial intervention. Mastercard fees, both positive and negative are passed through with no mark up fees. PSI is all about the best interest of the client.

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PSI is a contact-less payment ring that is taking the UK by storm. With over 173 countries and in 44 currencies, this new alternative to banking is in real time, and offers deposits and withdraws. PSI has an abundance of happy customers and clients that are raving about the low cost, contactless, virtual banking PSI pay is offering. Everybody looking for a highly monitored and security per request by client banking should start with PSI. Globally, they are making a huge mark and raising the standards for other virtual banking agencies. PSI offers a large distinct amount of clients product and services that can not be found anywhere except PSI pay.

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