Sam Boraie, The Vice President of Boraie Development is Business Leader of Purpose

The real estate industry is always on the move. Stakeholders in the property development sector have to keep re-inventing solutions so as to take care of the needs of the consumer. Sam Boraie is a notable real estate expert. His property solutions enterprise, Boraie Development, LLC, Sam is keen on revolutionizing the property development landscape in New Jersey.

Boraie Development, LLC is invigorating the property market of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Over the past half a decade, the firm has focused its resources on developing a new kind of urban buildings. With mixed-purpose business, Boraie Development has attracted an influx of entrepreneurs and residents keen on taking advantage of the real estate solutions provided by the firm.

According to Sam Boraie, the company has a strategic plan of changing the landscape of New Brunswick as we know it. The ambitious development plans will be carried out over a period. He affirms that once the buildings are completed, the city of New Jersey will rise and take its rightfully place as one of the most vibrant cities, economically in the United States. The projects will require significant funding.

To date, Boraie Development, LLC, has been forging the right kind of relationships with other strategic individuals and investors so as to acquire the financial muscle that is key to the implementation of this projects. Sam Boraie indicates that the enterprise is involved in hard marketing drives that have the aim of attracting investors from other states such as New York to come and take part in a real estate boom. The firm has already brought on board personalities such as Shaq O’Neil.

Sam Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development, LLC. He executes essential roles in the management of the firm. Sam has an active part on the board of Elijah’s Promise. The foundation works to alleviate malnutrition, empower lives and deliver justice to communities in New Jersey. The organization runs a broth kitchen, school of culinary arts and an eatery where you pay the much you can afford. It has been able to sharpen the skills of thousands of disadvantaged individuals and has equipped them with prerequisite skills to work in the food industry.

Sam Boraie’s brother is being prepared to take over the top position of company president from their father, Omar Boraie. The enterprise has operated for over four decades. The family is of Egyptian descent. Click here to know more.

Sam Boraie, is also a board trustee of the State Theatre of New Jersey. The theater is one of the leading institutions in promoting arts in New Jersey. It receives significant donations from Sam Boraie and the Boraie Development, LLC. Sam is also a board member and advisor to the Boys and Girls Club, a charity that focuses on empowering the youth to take up various leadership roles in the future.

Sam Boraie is a real business leader who is devoted to the well-being of communities in New Jersey. He believes in the power of young leaders in transforming societies.


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