Since 1990, Newswatch TV is Still the Viewers Choice for News

NewsWatch TV has been airing continuously since the show’s first episode aired in 1990.

It features Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges as hosts, and Michelle Ison as a co host. The award-winning show is an early morning news broadcast, airing at 7 AM. The show is owned by Bridge Communications, and it appears on AMC and also on ION. Newswatch appears nationally in all of the major news markets throughout the United States.

The show is highly acclaimed, and it gets great reviews. Viewers love it for the variety of news it covers. They enjoy the delivery and pace of the show. They also enjoy the mobile app reviews, and the on-location interviews. The news team gets excellent reviews. The show is based in their Washington, DC location, and they have additional locations in New York City, Denver, and Fairfax, Virginia.

Viewers also love the consumer portion of the show. Newswatch provides honest reviews on all types of consumer products, including electronics. They are in contact with numerous Fortune 500 companies and then they will provide their viewers with unbiased reviews of new products and new technology. They frequently will go on location for exclusive celebrity interviews. Well over 650 celebrities and newsmakers have appeared on this popular, long-running show. The team of hosts keep the show fast moving, upbeat, and entertaining. The individual segments will run for usually for no more than 2 minutes each. In so doing, they are able to cover a large variety of news and entertainment coverage that is packed into every half hour television show.

Newswatch has a large following on social media. They can be found on Facebook and Linkedin. Additionally, their viewers and fans can find them on YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, and all of their other favorite media.

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