Sunday Riley Improving Products

Sunday Riley has worked for several years developing effective skin care products that have high-quality active ingredients. She is the product formulator and cosmetic chemist with an unlimited research and development budget. Sunday Riley is completely hands-on with her skin care products and only want the best quality for the best price. To do this, she works for free to make her dreams come true.

In 2009, Sunday Riley launched a small skin care line. Barneys New York instantly noticed the positive potential the brand had. The lead buyer for Barneys New York suggested her product label bare her own name as the brand. With much hesitation, she finally agreed with the buyer when she realized her products are a direct reflection of who she is. Although she had acquired multiple Barneys locations, Sunday Riley had a limited budget for advertising. That is when she turned to social media influencers.

Sunday Riley found that sending PR packages to influencers with only several hundred followers made a large impact on product sales. Packaging for the product was a hit too. The labels were clear and sophisticated with a minimalist font. Sunday Riley does not believe in luxury labels, but in the true authentically of the product. Which is why the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser has been reformulated.

Now all skin types can use the new sensitively gentle version. This clay cleanser is a silky water-gel with a subtle scent versus a creamy gel with a heavy aroma. Only one essential oil remains, neroli, aiding in hydration while complementing the pore-cleansing clay. Ceramic Sip has a new brilliant blue packaging also. The biggest attraction is it’s $10 cheaper than before the reformulation. Sunday Riley, person and brand, go above and beyond to continue to have the best version of products available. Connect with Sunday Riley on Facebook.

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