Susan McGalla – Finding the Fruitful Combination

When it comes to business statistics around of subjects gender and ethnic diversity, there are some interesting facts. Companies with ethnically diverse populations outperform those without them by 35%, and with gender-diverse staff members are 15% more likely to boast of higher performance than businesses who lack similar variety among their employees.

Interestingly, there’s no shortage of women’s networks and business initiatives to promote women to executive positions. Unfortunately, these efforts have been largely unsuccessful. Men hold most senior leadership positions in businesses. Women who want similar positions should align with male decision-makers who can sponsor them.

In this scenario, the sponsors can work in partnership with women and help them discover opportunities and advocate for them when they are aware of projects that fit their skill set. Executive sponsors could receive incentives to participate and mentor women for leadership roles they’ve been seeking.

Susan McGalla is the current Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She was raised two brothers and her father was a football coach. Susan learned when she set goals and did the work she could attain them. As a result, Susan was confident about her ideas and has successfully worked with men and women throughout her career.

After receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Mount Union College, she was first employed by the Joseph Home Company. Susan continued to excel in her career and worked for American Eagle Outfitters. She was one of few women who worked there, but her dedication allowed her to become successful during her tenure, even rising through the ranks to become president and chief marketing officer. Susan has also served as a consultant to financial executives and businesses who were seeking advice in the retail sector. She continues to demonstrate how confidence in your abilities coupled with “doing the work” is a fruitful combination.

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