Sussex Healthcare secrets to success

Sussex Healthcare is one of the unique medical centers in the United Kingdom. For the last twenty years, the healthcare center has been giving specialized care to adults and other elderly individuals who are not capable of doing much on their own. The company has managed to set up its main facilities in the southern part of England. The institution success can be attributed to two personalities who have been working in the position of chairmen. The gentlemen, both from two different professions, have combined their efforts to make the company successful and pleasing in the eyes of the people who need its services.

Shiraz Boghani is an expert in matters concerning hospitality while Shafik Sachedina is a healthcare professional who deals with dental surgeries. With these two different professionals, these two leaders have brought out the best in Sussex Healthcare, and they have given the patients excellent services. The award winning healthcare company has only managed to get to the position it has in the international market because of its founders. The idea of starting the successful organization was brought by these professionals, and they have done their best to make sure that their vision is successful in the complicated times.

When Sussex Healthcare came into the healthcare department in the year 1985, it was only operating from one facility. Years later, Sussex Healthcare is proud to have introduced several other centers, and they are all working under the management of Shafik and Shiraz so that they can facilitate positive change in the lives of their patients. Apart from opening more healthcare centers all over the country, the award winning company has set up a great and modern gym that helps the residents and nonresidents to keep fit at all time. The full day care centers have served the people who want to access their medical care during the day only. The experienced professionals have been doing so well in their duties too. The experienced personalities have been fortunate enough to receive their education in the best medical universities, so this has ensured that the quality of the services is not tampered with.

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